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Please tell your friends using Google Apps that we're working to make Google+ available to them. Sorry for the delay - we need to do it right!
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Will I be able to transfer over or will I have to start a new?
Oh thank goodness. I have several friends left out because of this. I'm happy to know it's coming soon.
We've all read that Google+ pages will be available for paid google apps accounts...what about all of the ones that are using the free google apps plan? Also what about schools and non-profit orgs that use it?
Can't wait to use it! Same questions as David - will you permit a similar experience as we have as personal users, and will we be able to migrate and/or link existing accounts?
Hum, this implies that we should get a head-start using Apps for our "+" app? hints appreciated.
Can't wait. I use my apps account a lot, so that would be nice to have. Please provide a way to port my current account over to apps. You all are doing an amazing job!
In response to so many questions about porting/migrating and merging of Profiles, I have noticed from the G+ Settings >> Data Liberation that "...Google lets you save a backup of your photos, profile information, contacts, circles, stream posts, and Buzz posts to your computer...". My assumption is that if you can save this data that you must be able to import it as well. The question which hopefully +Christian Oestlien can answer is whether such an import would be allowed into a GApps Profile when available. It does create a gray area in terms of duplication though. Consider that if you download all of the aforementioned data from your Google Profile and then import it into your Google Apps Profile, you have duplicate photos, streams, circles, etc.
Good point. I'd like for my social identity to be under my main apps account. I ran into this issue with Google Voice when they allowed apps to get numbers.
As to duplication... my desire would be to delete this temporary profile once the Google Apps profile is working. So... no duplicates.
greate ! my desire is "groups" functionality for GApps G+ additional to "circles".
+Christian Oestlien Hey there! Quick question. I can't seem to locate my "messages." I see that I can send an e-mail to my circles, but that is literally an e-mail. When they reply or send me an e-mail through that button I don't get any notifications through Google Plus that someone used that button to message me. Will there be a "messaging" or "DM" type of functionality in the future? At least a notification functionality?

Thanks, and hope you've been well! It's been a long minute since WorldWinner!
This will really be nice. Keeping Safari open as a second browser with an html5/javascript memory leak just to be able to use the service is starting to be a drag. Hopefully the leak doesnt exist in chrome as well.
It is great to find a more than 2 weeks old post saying you're working on it. The longer time there goes the more difficult it will be for me to migrate from this temporary account (I only created to be able to use Google+) to my real account. I'm not saying that some migration-tool should be made (which then potentially would delay it even further), I just wish that we many Google Apps users could be able to use our primary personal accounts for Google+.
I love Google+ but the lack of Google Apps support annoys me more each day.