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I’m thrilled to be able to share Google+ Pages with you. If you are a business or brand, this marks the beginning of a very long journey we are going to take together; making Google a better place for businesses and people to communicate, and hopefully in the process transforming the way we think about marketing. Remember: Businesses don’t make people happy, people do.
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I've been waiting for this, specially for circling artists/bands/publishers.
I'm still getting a "not for everyone" message -- when does that go away?
Thanks for your interest in Google+ Pages, but we haven't finished releasing them to everyone. Please check back soon

Waiting for the release :)
We are rolling out as we speak, should be available to everyone shortly.
Thanks +Christian Oestlien -- I will let Cookie Monster know. Do hangouts have a way to send cookies to participants yet?
OK, I tried setting up Google+ Pages for my business, but I got rejected. That's not very friendly.
+Kevin Thomas rolling this out as we speak. It takes a few moments to get this out on all our machines out there. Stay tuned.
Awesome. Thanks Christian! May I share any additional info with those attending #blogwell tomorrow?
Good news! Thx 4 the quick reply ;-) That´s customer service. ;-)
Very excited to create +Pages! I keep refreshing like the end of The Social Network.
+Christian Oestlien can you please send me a dollar every time someone asks you when they can sign up? :)
So excited this is finally here!!
Why announce this at all when it's not available yet? Google+ continues to confound at every turn ...
How long should it say "just a second we're creating your page"? ...definitely been more than a couple seconds...