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Google+ users, please do me a small favor and reshare this post to anyone you know is interested in our business profiles testing. I wasn't kidding when I said the demand for this has been massive. Our old form has filled up, so we created a new form for any businesses interested in applying. Please visit here to apply for participation:

Remember, we will close the application form at 6pm PST on Friday July 15th.
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If we applied and have not heard anything, does that mean we got a big NO :)
I've applied as well, and haven't gotten any response
+John Moore We'll begin reaching out to test partners later next week. Everyone else will hear back soon thereafter. Thanks for applying!
I can't wait to see what G+ has in store for business. Can't wait until I can get my company on here.
Thank you Christian, appreciate the very prompt response
Is this form overflow from the last then? If we applied in the last form, is there any need to apply in this one?
Is this apply for example for musicians/band as well? Or just strictly business?
Sent it out to a few business owners I know.
Please Google+ Do us a favor and save us of all those reshares that Spam our Inboxes... :-)
Should major corporations that have applied using the old form re-apply?
I just submitted the old form successfully. Do I need to use the new one as well?
I filled out one yesterday...hope that was the right wasn't the same link.
I don't necessarily need a "business profile," per sa. What I need is the ability to make a Circle public and say, "follow me here if you want to read my news information," as opposed to, "follow me here if you want to follow my music posts."
I've submit the form :) Hope can get to Business profile because I have a lot of brands to promote :)
Oh, by the by: is this business profile going to be compatible with my Google Apps for Domains? Or do we have yet another orphan authentication scheme on our hands?
Thanks! Just had some clients fill out the form (ecommerce branding)
thx for info..sent in request.. :) ps
Wow, Christian, thanks! We'd love to be considered. Just sent my form. Ann
I've also applied.. but I haven't got anything yet too!
Thank you +Christian Oestlien . I previously applied, but are non-profits being considered for the trial? I would love to test it out with my parent group.
Great. Thank you so much. I've added my company and shared the posting.
Everything around G+ is becoming a instant success. Keep it up. This s*** works and I love it.
Hi everyone, asking in the comments doesn't improve your odds of being included. ;-)
Done and done. Looking forward to using it for work as work
Cool! Finally managed to fill out the form.
Christian is there an alt link this one seems to be dead or timing out... thanks
+Jackson Kelly The link is getting hit a huge amount. Give it a few minutes and retry a few times. Let me know if you still see issues later. Thanks!
Are you really going to decide by the end of next week? So if we dont hear back in a week it means we are out :) ?
I just signed up! Really hoping G+ works well for businesses!
Submitted a response to the application form and am really hoping to have the opportunity to test with y'all!
PLEASE! I'd love to see a threaded comment option in Google+. This would be particularly useful for businesses to reply to specific customer comments.
I have over 1000s of Real Estate Agents that are waiting in line to have me help them set up business profiles on G+.
Is this legitimately Google? I would expect Google to do something more official than a Google Doc.

This makes me suspect someone is harvesting business information while they pretend to be Google.
+Daniel Lewis of course Google would use a Google Doc! It is their technology, why would they use something else? Thats like the CEO of Ford driving a Chevy...
I'm not questing whether he works for Google, but whether this is a legitimate form.

People, are you really so infatuated with the latest Google product that you're willing to sacrifice your privacy on any form that looks legitimate? BTW, I can hook you up with some cheap meds that will pay off your mortgage and increase the size of your nose.
+Daniel Lewis +Parker Boyack I'm real, and the form is real. Apologies that it's not more formal. We are trying to move fast and when I posted my original video last week this was the fastest way to start gathering feedback.
+Christian Oestlien I liked the fact that it was just a simple Google Spreadsheet. It shows that you are eating your own dogfood :) and that you are agile. So you don't have to apologize....
And the way you are engaging with users on this thread is exactly what I want to do with my Google business profile if I get one ;)
+Christian Oestlien Ironical isn't it? Moving fast yourself & asking me to be patient! :) I hope there's a feedback or response that tells me either way - don't let us patient friends be hanging!!!
Thank you for opening the form again, i think google+ offers little and middle companies new great marketing oportunities, I'm 22 years old, from SPAIN and i really think google+ and google shoping are going to work together, and i want to make part of that.
Thanks for the new form! Look forward to hearing from you all and seeing how you include small business owners
@Google is testing business pages. Go Go Go! Oh wait. "Our servers are busy. Please wait a bit and try again.".... erm....
I'm the 1.000 share! nice, I hope all the interested people can read this in time
I applied for my software company, thanks for the heads up.
Any way you could let us know how many businesses will be allowed in the testing?
Companies only or also non-profit organisations?
I recommend my "WebStandard“ colleagues for the Google+ brand experiment or profile re-activation (as Google did with Mashable, TNW, etc.). is the biggest tech news site in Austria, "WebStandard“ journalists are part of the Google+ community from day one. Their account was in the top 10 of German speaking countries before deactivation. I‘d love to see them circle again as "WebStandard“.
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I blogged & tweeted this yesterday and also added your announcement to my popular Google Places + Local SEO news channel on Also applied.

I think it's important for Google to get some testers like myself involved who are Google Places specialists and can help eval this from the perspective of how adding a 2nd business profile on top of the existing Places (essentially a business profile page) will work.

Crippling problems still exist with Google Places and there is such a big lack of support for millions of small businesses, that I'm very concerned about adding yet another layer of complexity to the mix. ALTHOUGH must say a +business profile seems it will be TONS easier to manage and hopefully not nearly as buggy as Places. But still concerned about how the integration or connection will work.
+Christian Oestlien will we be able to limit the visibility of business beta accounts to certain people/circles? We'd like to start experimenting with G+ but are concerned about customer expectations once our account is visible. Without any APIs for the stream, we would need to proactively visit G+ to check Incoming for any messages -- something we don't have to do on other social websites. We'd rather limit our beta account's visibility to a select group of G+ users who would help us refine our usage of G+ before "going public."

If we won't be able to limit visibility, would we be able to deactivate/delete the beta account if it became a problem for us to manage? We'd rather not be on G+ than have a lame presence.

Is it an obligation ...?? Is My Account will be closed if i don't fill this form..??? Please tell me the reason how i must fill this form friend...
A bit off topic, but this post is a perfect example why Google+ needs to deduplicate reshares. It is also an example of a post that I avoid commenting on because of the torrent of comment notification emails I'm about to get hit with, hence why controlling comment subscriptions when commenting needs to be added with the options of all comments, daily digest, no comments... And don't forgot to make those available on mobile too. 
+Christian Oestlien
What about Artists Music and Visual? They brand themselves and they are an individual at the same time. Are you dumping their consumer profiles pages? (Can we call them some else other than consumers profiles? Sounds like we are all sitting around grazing in a grass field. Personal profile sounds nicer, I know that a FB term, but, it is my personal page after all....When are these business page ETA?
- Following this thread. Looking forward to see the Musical/Any arts-promotion initiative here on G+

However i dared to make a "bandpage" just to see what it would look like... (I dont make money from it yet, so i hope not to get erased... (c)
I have questions along the lines of the other art and music-related questions and you included my band's name in the original post.
We are not a business exactly, but a music & art collaborative...and we've long been using gmail and other Google features.
A lot of my friends are asking the same questions...
must we apply as a "business"?
will our profiles be deleted if not?
how will the functionality of a "business" presence differ from the google account we already have?
many thousands of us...artists and musicians...are just people like every other user...with friends we like to share with...that may or may not make money...but the one thing we have in common is that our public identities are oriented around our art & do we fit in to Google+ ? as it seems you are beginning to draw lines here?? thanks for your response!
I am one of, if not the youngest principle broker (Real Estate) in Indiana. I would like to be included in your test run. Please let me know if our business is something you are interested in testing.

Michael Weaver
Managing Member
The Vearus Group
Just registered and tweeted just now! Woot! Looking forward to checking this action out baby!
Darn it! I was just outside the closing deadline. Is there any point to closing it down - after all it was only an expression of interest - we don't expect to necessarily get our businesses into the first batch of users?
I had applied for it when it was even not circulated. But have received no response. So what should I conclude?
Looks like I missed the cut - like many top golfers in the British Open!
+Christian Oestlien it seems to have filled up again, is there going to be another opportunity to get myself into the test or I am I going to the wrong place? Cheers Tim
This message is appearing since yesterday
It looks like the form "Google+ Entity Profile Application " is turned off.
Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake. Visit our help center..
Dear Mr Christian Oestlien, I have a friend whose profile has been suspended after reporting some fake profiles, his profile is not fake and does not violate ANY of the codes of conduct (The Webmaster), in fact he has flagged up fake profiles and put a stop to a few...and the fake Rupert Murdoch is still on... what the hell is that all about???
You try to put things right and get kicked in the balls...great policy google....really "ethical", i must say...honesty does not pay with google by the looks of things...and if your going to shut my profile down for voicing my opinion then be my guest, cos where I come come from we have the freedom of speech and we are taught to to the right thing here in the UK...and if this is googles policy well then i'm better of without it...and remember everything has a lifespan so your not going to be kings i am pissed......................
I think that i'm even going to stop using sketchup and goto Autodesk Revit, and don't care how much it i'm real pissed.........
Listed below is Google Community standards:

The community standards listed below play an important role in ensuring a positive experience for everyone using Google Profiles. Violation of these standards may result in the removal of your profile or deletion of your Google Account.

Nudity and sexually explicit material
We don't allow nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material.

Hate Speech
We don't allow the promotion of hatred toward groups of people based on their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity.

Your profile should represent you. We don't allow impersonation of others or other behavior that is misleading or intended to be misleading. If you believe that another user is impersonating you with a Google profile, please go to the profile in question, click Report a profile, and select the appropriate radio button. Learn more about reporting impersonation.

Private and Confidential Information
We don't allow unauthorized publishing of people's private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, driver's and other license numbers, or any other information that is not publicly accessible. To protect your own privacy and your confidential information, be careful not to share any private or confidential information with others.

We'll respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement. For more information or to file a DMCA request, please read our copyright procedures.

Illegal Activities
Google Profiles should not be used for unlawful purposes or for promotion of dangerous and illegal activities. If found engaging in such activity, we may terminate your account, notify law enforcement authorities, or take other appropriate action.

Spam, Malware and Phishing
We don't allow transmission of malware, viruses, or anything that may disrupt service or harm others. Spam is also prohibited and may include: product advertisements, link spam and links to commercial pornography. Malicious scripts and password phishing scams are not allowed either.

Display Name
To help fight spam and prevent fake profiles, use the name your friends, family, or co-workers usually call you. For example, if your full legal name is Charles Jones Jr. but you normally use Chuck Jones or Junior Jones, either of these would be acceptable. Learn more about your name and Google Profiles.

Profile Picture
Your profile picture should not include mature or offensive content. For example, do not use a photo that is a close-up of a person's buttocks or a woman's cleavage.

Reporting Abuse
If you believe that someone is violating these standards, click Report this profile within that person's profile. We'll review your report and take action if appropriate. Not all reports result in removal. Learn more about reporting abuse.
Well I can direct you to some profiles that contain "Hate Speech" but their still on (maybe because its directed to the afro caribbean race, so maybe google thinks they don't count hey?)

Impersonation: we again I could direct you to some very apparent impostors, there still on...

I'm think that I will be removing my profile myself in about 48 hours, just to give you enough time to read this and focus my efforts elsewhere... your biggest fan can become your worst know I genuinely did used to like google, I was, WAS, a googlemaniac....but not no more....THIS IS UNJUST.....
The profiled does not violate any of the above, I just read it again for the 100th time to see if there is anything missed...but no...

I just changed my default search engine to bing...power is in numbers and facebook has 750 million users who just need to know what google does to upset users and there are alot of upset people on the net I found...
I know I have probably crossed the line and entered the point of no return but u know what I love a good fight...little old mee vs big old game...I can feel the fire in my belly and its BLAZING.......this is my fuel.....
Back to hotmail and ymail...
i originally made a profile under my alias's on other social sites "Oceanchick UnanimousMovie" but it's not a business site. it's a real person there, just listed under what i'm most known for on other social media sites. Since google+ is still working out some bugs i was uncomfortable using my real name until i knew it was secure. i have since made an acct using my real name in fearful preparation my other would be nixed, but would like to be able to keep the Oceanchick UnanimousMovie because it is the title of a film i'm working on that people know me by, so even though it's NOT a business, perhaps it would qualify as a business-like pseudonym. when people look for me from other sites, they don't know my real name, but they know my aliases from other sites. very few people know my real name.

when i went to submit it to the business, i got the entry profile application page, it says it was turned off. Thanks.
Laone Collins - can you not just add that as a NICKNAME so people will be able to search for you using the nickname? Hit profile, edit.. then add nickname - for now at least! also i think they'd probably address the intellectual property rights issue (being a Google product) - so if someone takes your name then you'd have the ability to appeal to apply for it? - but anyway, with such a Random nickname/film name i dont think you need fear 'the others' ..
Paul Drage - good idea. thanks paul. outside twitter i'm so new to this it's ridiculous. barely have a facebook acct. lol. it took me 2 days to find the settings button, but w/ kind ppl like you helping, there is hope!
i started yesterday, i see big potential here, one of the things being the way Google are involving real people and explaining the reasons for their decisions, something i've never witnessed on the likes of facebook.. Good luck and i look forward to hearing more about this film!
Damn... I just got this. How can I slip in past the deadline? Consider me?
Same here, just saw it posted, then realised I would be a day late and had little chance. lemmi know when the doors open again :)
Got this too late, now I'm following you Christian, I hope to get this for my business soon. Thanks!
I'd love to hear about this when you reopen. I have a school account under google apps.
I'm interested if it reopens for my children's entertainment business.
alrady regestred in the first form, but now i just seed this form, it's closed :( plz i need a business account
Killing me here! Can we open it up for say an hour?!!
Alas, I'm too late. Looking forward to trying the business end out! I was wondering, will music and art profiles fall under the business umbrella?
Greatly looking forward to setting up our Google+ business profile!

Keep up the great work Christian!
- DAMN - Too late... - Im' in with +Jae Grady - will music and art profiles fall under the business umbrella?
""It looks like the form "Google+ Entity Profile Application " is turned off.
Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake.""
+Christian Oestlien did applying more than one time increase the chances of our organization being selected? :p I applied for the nonprofit organization I'm starting at my university, Operation Thrive. I'd love to have the opportunity to use the new Google+ Business profiles with Google Places & offers, maps and hangouts as an effort to spread awareness and reach out to our supporters. When should we expect to hear back if our organization was selected for the trial?
Will the business page be setup in such a way that allows the creation of shop to sell product, receive payment through intuit go payment/google checkout, then email receipts?
Hmm, I know I missed but...oh come on! Please! Just this time! :)
Dear Christian,

It doesn´t work to me! "It looks like the form "Google+ Entity Profile Application " is turned off.Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake"


Christian, I just recently starting using Google+ yesterday (7/19/11 same day iPhone app was released), but I am interested in the business pages. I tried the two old forms including the one listed above, which was posted 6 days ago. Everything is filled up, so is there going to be another opportunity to join the Google business profiles testing? I hope so....;-)
uh oh.. Christian, is it too late to sign up? I have a client that would be a perfect candidate. Plz let me know. Thanks so much!
Will there be a third application form?
Will there be one for adding education departments?
This form says it is switched off! Is there a way of applying for this elsewhere? Is it oversubscribed?