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Google+ users are a persistent bunch :-).
Here is a quick update on Google+ and businesses:

We have been watching Google+ take shape over the last week and we’ve seen some really great companies get involved. But frankly we know our product as it stands is not optimally suited to their needs. In fact, it was kind of an awkward moment for us when we asked Ford for his (or was it her?) gender!

How users communicate with each other is different from how they communicate with brands, and we want to create an optimal experience for both. We have a great team of engineers actively building an amazing Google+ experience for businesses, and we will have something to show the world later this year.

The business experience we are creating should far exceed the consumer profile in terms of its usefulness to businesses. We just ask for your patience while we build it. In the meantime, we are discouraging businesses from using regular profiles to connect with Google+ users. Our policy team will actively work with profile owners to shut down non-user profiles.

Over the next few months we are going to be running a small experiment with a few marketing partners to see the effect of including brands in the Google+ experience. We’ll begin this pilot with a small number of named partners. If you represent a “non-user entity” (e.g. business, organization, place, team, etc.) and would like to apply for consideration in our limited program (and be amongst the first to be alerted when the business product launches) you can sign up here:

Please keep all of the feedback coming, we are listening and really appreciate the time everyone is putting towards helping us build a better social experience through Google+.
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That's a good lookin guy in the video.
What's the best way to report businesses as profiles? I've been getting a lot of spam from people resharing +Android Police 's posts - apparently they're giving away free stuff to people who promote them...
+Craig Haseler You can go the actual profile page you think is behaving inappropriately and use the "report this profile" link on the bottom of the left hand side.
+David A Fenton This post is only about businesses and other entities, but we have definitely also noted people's questions about GApp users.
Done & Done. You've set a high bar for yourselves. I'm interested to see the ways you plan to leapfrog FB & Twitter when it comes to brand integration.
The business feature is one, that I wish was here today, my team has been talking about potential for a week.
Can you please put a link on your Youtube video as well.
Sorry Candace what I mean was it would be nice for the link for the from to be on the Youtube video. I actually found the video on Youtube first and then I have to find Christian Oestlien profile on Google+. If your not on Google+ right now it would be really hard to find that link.
christian, you might want to share that information where most people will be looking into it - the notes section on youtube ;)
Businesses and other entities... so this means news orgs and non-profits and educational orgs, also? Are you talking about anything that is not an individual's personal account?
Thanks for the update. I just applied for consideration.
+Zee M Kane some of the existing profiles might be included in our testing. We'll be reviewing everything on a case by case basis once we have a sense for user interest.
I just applied to see if you'd consider a blog for one of your pioneer brands. I would definitely appreciate the chance to be in the test group.

Just one question about my 'placeholder' profile. I changed the name of my secondary personal account from my personal name to my blog's name so that people won't get confused when adding me to circles. Do I need to change that account's name again? How can I hide it so people can't add it, and it won't come up in searches when they're looking for me or my blog?

Thank you
+Christian Oestlien Could you give us a sneak peak of what features will be added to Google+, i.e. private messages or Gmail integration? Thanks!
+John Frost The new business profiles will be of a different sort so you'll need to create a new one later anyways.
This type of hands on communication from you and other members of the Google team is huge. Keep up the great work!
+Christian Oestlien Thanks for responding so quickly! I agree with Mike as well, your communication is impressive. Google+ is great because the people behind it!
Aww - please don't shut down The Next Web, they are such an asset to G+! (and no, i am not affiliated with them in any way. - just a fan)
Thanks for the update, +Christian Oestlien - I saw your vid right after creating the business profile, so I'm happy I didn't expand it too much. Filled out the form and excited to test it out!
+Zachary Yaro We'll be working on producing a business experience that is more unique to the Google+ experience and will focus on showing businesses the advantages of extending their identity across Google and Google products. Unfortunately, we can't go into much greater detail at this point.
Please make something special for non-profits. Can you make something similar to or work with them?
Thank you. I like this a lot. There are two different ways social media is used and I like that I as a user get to choose
Christian, I cannot get the link shown at the end of the video to work and I would love to participate
404: Page not found – the page does not exist. ~ I just found the link in one of your comments
~ Thank you!
Nota: there were 2 slots for EMail on the form. I did not specify "Re-enter", so I am hoping this was intended to solicit 2 email addresses, because at present my GMail is rather flooded with G+ related activity! So I included it and my backup/legacy/prime. /bdt
Added my Company - to the form. Hopefully a mid cap range company will have enough pull to be picked. We use adwords, gmail business, Shopping, Checkout, analytics, with 10K twitter, 6K facebook fans, 100K newsletter list etc. We would be a great smaller company case study - to gauge true effectiveness. we are a "Dog Treat Company"
Seems interesting. Have to talk with marketing department will there be resources for bank to start this kind of efforts.
+Wayne Lin I was hoping he was going to break out the Geico caveman wig for this one, so he would look like he did when we met him.
Looking forward to seeing what you guys have in the works for brands/businesses. I signed up my company, so I hope we can be part of the test rollout!
The trial form seems very focused on businesses. Are other "non-personal entities" going to be considered for the trial? Or will non-profits / podcasts / open source projects / gaming groups / families, etc. need to wait for "later this year"?
It's great to read that you're not forgetting organisations and brands. On the other hand I'm not happy to read about the "policy team" after the launch: I thought you'd greatly differentiate from Facebook (and others) by allowing organisations, brands, multiple identities in general as users (Google Accounts, during the last years already). I believe you shouldn't return to the old, restrictive Gmail-policies.
Please make sure in your planning and trial that you taking into account all types and sizes of non-user entities.

The needs of Ford Motor Co are going to be much different than the local Parent Teach Association and again different then a free lance web developer (like me) or a non-user entity page I'd like to create for my personal blog written under a pseudonym.
Hey Christian this is very interesting. Looking forward too how businesses can use this to help enhance the online market.
Talking about business opportunities, have you ever considered a fresh approach involving the "+1" button? I'm thinking about social micropayments here. Many representatives of the media industry are looking out for ways to deal with the "sharing is caring" mentality of the web. As a user, you want to share good things with others, one of the reasons why YouTube is so highly successful.
For media companies though, they're faced with the question how to monetize their products in such an environment. Copyright restrictions certainly aren't the way as we can see with the German GEMA and YouTube currently.

Why not try a monetization scheme that involves sharing? Flattr is trying this approach, but imho there is an essential thing missing: the social community to back this up. I think Google+ would be the ideal project to explore such opportunities - for content creaters inside and outside the platform (I'm also thinking about independent bloggers here).
Wow! Almost 1,000 reshares of my post from last night. Amazing to see this level of interest in getting businesses and other entities involved in Google+. Thank you Google+ community for proving once again how incredible and responsive you are. This kind of feedback is priceless. +Pavan Desikan +Dennis Troper
I am really looking forward to growing my business with Google and Google+
This is an important time for me.

Thanks for the opportunity and for all that you do.
Interesting to see this develop, thank you for this post.

As for Ford, Scott Monty gets that question more than he would like to admit, even with the bowties ;)
Christian, I hope you will at the least include a substantial number of Google Apps for Education clients in your testing. As a higher ed user/sysadmin, I certainly appreciate the kind of issues that touch on branding and customer contact. However, I'm also really interested in uses for Google+ that, while they need institutional tie-in, would be fundamentally person-to-person. For example, what does a circle for a university course look like? For that matter, what about an API that would let us automatically create that circle for a course's professor and all the enrolled students? What implications does this have for our current use of "Learning Management Systems?" etc.
Hi Christian --

Do you anticipate that the business/brand page setup will be available for nonprofit groups, too? Or will Google develop another format for nonprofits (in part to help them use Google+ as a fundraising tool)?
I'd love to see a separate form for nonprofits and EDUs to apply for early entry into the program. For those of us already enrolled in the Google for Nonprofits program, the powerful tools Google+ provides are a logical extension of our relationship with Google (and the publics we serve). +1 for making sure these stakeholder groups are represented in the testing!
Funny, the link in the video is disabled as Google puts is, for security, spam or phishing.

Then, after a few tries, it loaded and the usual type Google Docs pre alpha for loaded. But the fact that you do not include the link in the video description on YouTube, which is how I found this, it is easily mis-typed by fat fingers..

Many of the comments on the YouTube video say this is a scam. After about 15 minutes of searching, I came to the conclusion your profile is legitimate. It is NOT easy to find and you provide no proof of who you are. I could just of easily created this profile and the video.

The fact the channel was created yesterday can lead us to be skeptical and hurt the Google+ brand in it's own infancy. Hope this helps.....
True. Pretty much everyone can create such a spreadsheet form. The Google+ staff definitely needs some visual verification, like the "trusted" profiles on twitter. Otherwise, this could easily be used for phishing.
I agree, the Verified profile links that we got thru Knol were key, I expect them to follow us here as Google profiles finish the conversion.

My point though is that I trusted this immediately, it was comments on the YouTube video itself that made me begin to wonder. +1 Sebastian!
Would this initiative work with groups such as meetup? I have a large (nearly 900 member) meetup group that I run and Circles, while great, doesn't seem like it would be the best format for managing that many people and helping others find the group.
5 reasons why Google should not delete Brand Profiles +Christian Oestlien

1 Old-fashioned thinking - Oprah Winfrey, Letterman (Dave), +Tim O'Reilly , +Mari Smith , +Gary Vaynerchuk , +Robert Scoble, +michael arrington , +Mark Zuckerberg . Is it (personal) brands or people? The very idea that we can distinguish between a person and a brand is very woolly. And fake profiles are fun, we want the penguin from the local Zoo, the dead philosophers and don't forget fake +steve jobs.

2. You gave us a toy, if we "do no evil", let us play with it. The brands have not bothered anyone, on the contrary they have increase the pleasure of staying here.

3 Facebook is playing cops al the time, they delete profiles because they are brands and brands pages because the have competitions, etc., etc., "with law shall land be built" is the attitude. But I think Google has thought us, you need to design your way out of the problem, make algorithms, design and functionality, which makes brands choose the desired solution, because it is the best solution for users, brands and Google.

4 Parking attendants are rarely popular, Facebook has in my opinion a disreputable reputation, we want something new - this is due to the fact that the brand facebook connected with opportunism and exploitation of knowledge about consumer privacy. Google does basically the same, they do read your g-mail. But Google has succeeded to convince us they are doing us a service, because we get relevant advertising. If they become the parking attendants, they risk destroying the reputation as those who build networks with the users, and are instead seen as the parking attendants that issues the parking tickets.

5 Those that hack the system are the same that are pushing innovation forward. If you gives them rules and play lawyers, then they might as well stay on facebook.

+Mads Gorm Larsen
After my best friend's girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer, this is the charity / non profit we have chosen to support. I will be sending Eric Charsky your way:

I think helping those who are helping others might be the best place to start for Google.
Thanks for the update, and I look forward to being a Business Beta Tester!
We are enterprise partners with Google--we applied. Hope that helps to get us selected, Christian.
Thanks for the update! Hoping to get in with the selected few, but I doubt it since it's only a website that I run and it's not a big one at all. I'd like it to be eventually though!
Just applied for the brand Google+ test group...and I believe we met in NYC a few years back.
I would love to see a beautiful merger of gmail, apps, docs with some of the great functions of wave. Yes I do want my cake and to eat it too!
Yes - integrating circles into calendar, mail, docs...
My company, Circle Marketing, was apparently destined to be on Google+, lol.
I would also like to see a "like" button rather than the "+1" because the +1's appear in a feed, as if they are recommendations. However, if a friend gets a new job, or has a baby I just want to "like" the comment, not necessarily "endorse" the post in my feed. But this is just beta, so I'm sure the Google geniuses are working everything out to always! :)

They have Christian over there, so I know first hand that they got a great man on the job! Congrats, Christian!
Businesses already have "Places". I really hope we can avoid the brand/consumer relationship that ultimately ruined the Facebook experience for me. Once the advertising lands, it'll be on to the next… I'd hate to want to give up services I actually rely on like Gmail or Docs. Also, as a consumer… user input is more valuable to me than some canned content and hero photos.
Sorry...I should have written "in addition to" because I understand the value of +1 and know it's here to stay. I would just like a way to be supportive of friends' posts without "endorsing" it via the +1 button. Sorry if I was unclear...that happens a lot when I multi-task and work on the weekends! hahaha. :)
+Chris Simari I think virtual businesses are growing, and many are home-based and people might not want to put their home address on Google Places. Also, some business sell items over the internet, so they don't really have a "Service" location that would be any better. I read that Google doesn't want you to register your business' P.O. Box or Virtual location under their Places guidelines, so virtual businesses would be stuck in the middle if there was only Google Places available to them. There should be some Google+ Business Pages which can help Google+ help businesses...just my thinking...then again, Gmail still doesn't have any sorting features and that's still going strong, so who knows what the plan is.
+Louis Tanguay I agree with a lot of what you said here. I'd love to encourage virtual businesses to actually pay for websites to be produced. This isn't purely an attempt at self preservation… I'd hate to be able to accurately portray my business by any predefined set of options.
+Chris Simari These companies do have websites. They just don't have physical mailing address that they either want to give out publicly (i.e. Home Addresses), or qualify under Google Places guidelines (i.e. P.O. Boxes). Therein lies the rub. :)
+Louis Tanguay Gotcha, one more try though… wouldn't said physical mailing address (if used for business) require proper zoning, making it public anyway? And as far as P.O.s… we don't need them think landline, fax machine, Facebook events & updates. Now, I may be totally missing something attempting this argument… but what could you possibly receive in the mail worthy of paying attention to never mind needing to record the address? I may burn a calorie or two on my walk from the mailbox to recycling, and thats only if I think to separate paper and plastic (this unfortunately rarely gets me out of weddings). Can we start placing bets on how soon AdWords will show up in the Stream?
I'm not sure I follow you. I'm sorry. I just want to see Google+ have pages for businesses in addition to Places, that's all. :)

Oh, yeah...and that whole like button type thingy, too. :)
I think this is great news. It shows how Google is serious with this. One of the problems with Facebook is that anyone can create a page about anything. For example, we've seen fan & hate pages created about celebrities or entities, leading some people to think these can be official pages. Of course, it's possible to report pages and have them taken down, but that's a lot of work. My impression from this post is that Google is working on a verification mechanism. After all, they already have the technology to do it, just think about Webmaster Tools. They can verify that you are the owner of a domain before giving you access to these tools. Why wouldn't they use that for Google+?

Otherwise, what keeps anyone from creating a Gmail account and open another Google+ profile for Ford Motors Company? It is in the interest of businesses and other entities to be able to have a verification mechanism so they can be in control of their brands. They just need to be a little patient, I'm sure what Google is working on will be much better than using a user profile.
Great points, Steve! I think the verifications for businesses is a great move.

Also, I learned that the +1's in peoples posts ARE a "like" button and will NOT appear in your profile's "+1's". Your Profile Page's +1's are those you "plussed" around the web, and not posts which you "+1'ed" on Google+'s's a little confusing, because they have the same name even though they will be working differently.

I LOVE that you can edit posts, BTW. That's Google+'s greatest usability "plus" (pun intended), and Facebook's biggest usability flaw (yes, I know if you catch an error in the first 5 seconds you can edit in Fb, but come on...just let people edit and not look the morons we aren'

One thing I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for Google+ to have is "Verified Accounts" for Profiles, like Twitter does. To Steve's points above, business verification is great and a major thumb's up, but also Verified Profiles for celebrities would be a huge PLUS. ;)

I know this isn't the right thread for that, but since I mentioned it earlier, I just wanted to close out stating "I got it now!" lol.
Keep it coming google! Thanks for working hard to make things better for us.... really looking forward to the opportunity to expand and use Google Plus.
I am really looking forward to seeing what Google will do for + for business think it could be exciting as the FB experience is very limited in scope and to be honest with you the only winner here at present is FB rather than the Brand or Business. So I think if its more transparent for business, firmer integration with their sites then I think it could have serious implications, I know would have no problem recommending this to my clients.
+Christian Oestlien : The link to the doc that you have here is being reshared outside of this particular post. Many are doubting its authenticity as a result. While I'm sure you're only looking for a few non-entities to test with, is it possible that this could be changed to secured web form of sorts to reduce any confusion? I know there is no personally identifiable information in it yet I think it would make companies feel a little more comfortable to sign up for the test.
+Christian Oestlien Thanks for the thoughtful approach to business presence on G+. As you’ve seen, there are many Dell folks active and engaged here. We have filled out the forms and look forward to participating in the “beta” for business.
+Michael Dell Thank you for being such a proactive participant in Google+. We're really impressed with the involvement of you and your team. Great stuff.
Didn't know you were on Google+. Awesome - hope things are going well...

PS. Cain or JDS?
Are you going to considering companies of all sizes? And how big a test pool is it going to be initially?
Businesses and games is what turned FB sour imo. It was annoying when my likes on my profile suddenly started posting to me and I had to "unlike" my likes.... the fact that g+ is people is what makes it so great.
Google+ is the X factor that has been missing in the world of GoogleApps. For me as an internal communications person, Google+ usage as a social internal communications/ collaboration/ knowledge-sharing tool is a no-brainer. Why enterprises have been given last dibs on this is a mystery.
+George Algozzini That's the major plus (no pun intended) of circle filtering. You'll be able to add businesses, brands, musicians, etc. to a certain circle (like the one default circle "following") so those entities only invade your feed when you choose to view them! I personally plan to separate my "following" circle into a few key categories (maybe bands, music industry, business/entrepreneurship, personal development, spiritual) so I can communicate with specific social circles independently with ease. :)

It's also expected that games will be in the form of app extensions, so introduction to specific games will be more of conscious sharing and not likely be as spammy as it's been on FB.
+Michael Cavano I will agree with you as soon as you can customize what circles show in your "Stream" by default. There seems to be a disconnect with the order of content in the individual streams and the main stream for me.
Yeah, you should definitely use the "send feedback" button on the bottom right to share your ideas of better usability. I think a lot of people are asking for a default stream to show up in your home page. Though I read somewhere that the buttons used to be "sticky", but there were some problems with that in practice, so they switched out of it for the time being. I'd imagine they'll be quick to find a suitable solution!
I am watching tons of news orgs (and other brands) completely ignore this post. As a community manager I expect users to follow my community policy and my TOS. Therefore I will not let the brands I represent do the same.

So I have 2 thoughts.. #1 To Google..

" I am really hopping you guys are going to help brands out that are not cheating the system right now... brands on before the public "not business yet" dont bug me but news orgs, among others is getting out of hand.

Its much easier for a brand to win while they have no rules to follow. As a brand manager I am getting a little frustrated seeing all these large orgs break the rules. Also they are going to limit their need to spend money with Google when the pages product is open."

#2 To the News Orgs on the site esp using Mashable as an example of why what they are doing is ok.

"As a brand manager waiting on Google to support a solution news orgs are bothersome. Mashable is actually not active on the network right now Pete Cashmore is, which is different. Google needs to get the product out quick and they are its part of the big release coming.

During this time however G+ is off limits for brands expressly. The litmus test was clear also Can you answer the gender question? If the answer is no then you are a brand.

Brands that abuse the system ignoring the rules are in the wild west. They can initiate relationships in ways brands attempting to follow the rules will not be able to. This is not an equitable system, I hope Google is planning to make all brand "pages" start at zero (including shutting down the profile the second the page is created) that would be equitable."
You + Google are AWESOME! Thanks for putting me in your circle as I am really interested in this aspect of Google. I filled out the form... I feel very welcome here because of this and I respect that!!! YAY for Google +!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited! I can only imagine how amazing it will be when Google Apps, Personalized Domains and Business Profiles are all tied together creating a incredible solution for businesses large and small.
Riz Ien
My boss was pushing twitter and facebook because "we need to get involved in social media" , neither outlet suites our needs. However, the beta G+ already shows more potential, especially as far as the whole 'sharing like you share in the real world' aspect goes. While I love G+ as my facebook replacement, I'm pretty excited to see what they do on the commerce side of things. I'd even be interested in AdWords integration with G+ and maybe even Google hosted landing pages (a la unbounce, and tied into Google Analytics).

Either way, I'm loving it, despite google's ridiculous empirical style growth.
+Christian Oestlien and other Googlers: I'll second what Michael and +Richard Binhammer have said. Definitely appreciate the thoughtful approach and taking the time to figure out how to build out brand page functionality the right way. Obviously tons of interest from businesses all over... all for good reason.

Thanks to you and other Googlers for the productive engagement on the topic, and for building a social site with so much potential-both for individuals and businesses. Like lots of others here, look forward to what's next.
I'm also curious about all the news orgs & other business pages that are popping up. What about them? Considering they were such late adopters to Facebook/Twitter, I find it ironic that they are jumping on the G+ bandwagon so quickly & feel they can 'break the rules' and create profiles after everyone from Google is telling all businesses to wait. And seriously, how many of us are NOT following members of Google or at least seeing their posts in the public feed or being shared by others? I understand pages like Ford (which we know is 'allowed') & Mashable, because come on, there's HAS to be a Mashable page. I just don't get the blatant..disrespect might be too harsh of a word, but you get my drift...of companies who've done it anyway. Just do me a favor & leave +Sesame Street alone. They're cool & should be allowed to stay. ;)
How about adding a -1 button?
I mean if companies get in here it's a great way to tell em their spam suck?

Also I hate FB for not having a dislike button... like when a friend makes a statusupdate about something sad like a parent passing away or something... you really don't want to hit the like or +1 a thing like that...
Have been burning incense and repeating "please select us" with my hand placed reverently on The Complete Works of Douglas Adams for days now. Small but mighty in our neck of the wood.
boz zou
At risk of jumping too far out...

Will business pages will enable small business & retailers to list and sell products or just have a profile? My brother's site is a Wordpress based site with a plugin for listing products. Replacing that into a Google+ page could be huge for them and Google! +John Littlefield
ETA for the official Viagra page on Google+?
Hooray! Bring it on! Giving you a G's Favorite ~ G+ and a +1 with a snap and a circle! :D
Google Docs

We're sorry.
Our servers are busy. Please wait a bit and try again.

Find out more at the Google Docs Help Center.
Servers busy... Can I still apply before tomorrows deadline?
Would love for our business to be a part of this but the servers are busy. here is our website If we're selected you can reach us at
busy server at Google Docs, when I got in and typed the info and hit submit, I got another busy server message so I am not sure if the info made it through.
Let us know when you have more room on the G+ survers...
Feature request: As business I hope to have lot of followers. I what like to do use the circles to group my customers so I can post content that is right for them. It would be very hard to work what circle to add who to.
So what I would like to have a type of circle which is public that followers can add themselves to.
e.g. investors, customers, suppliers, press etc.

It would show as normal(ish) circle in my interface with me having full control but anyone can add and remove themselves maybe with moderation option

I can't get in, the servers are busy !! that is the message..
Wondering how many social media consultants are currently waiting for the servers to quieten down?
+Christian Oestlien, is it possible to register as a business when one is a freelance writer? My writing is a product and I actually have employees and a supply chain. :)
I can get as far as filling out the form, but the server seems too busy to accept it...
+Christian Oestlien hi, we're an indian brand that manufactures, retails and outsources electrical appliances and other products. this is our site : we'd love to a be a part of google+ businesses but sadly, the server has been busy all day long. please please help us out :) :) we don't want to miss out because of a busy server :) :)
I would really love to get in on this too - - - -
the servers need to do a better job of multitasking... ;-)
Hey, the servers are busy... I am unable to sing up. This is the message: We're sorry.
Our servers are busy. Please wait a bit and try again.... To bad but we are still loving Google...
I was allowed to fill the form out but then got the "servers are busy" when I hit submit! :(
Argh, I got the same result as Eva ... eventually got to the form, but on submit == fail.
After having filled out all of the information on the form and hitting "Submit", I was sent to a page that told me that all of the servers are busy. Is there an alternate way for a non-profit art museum to submit our information for the test stage?
I have filled out the form several time and when I "Submit" it fails... Servers are still busy... is it another way to do it????
no go on the form.... that sucks... really would like to be a part of this.. let us know if there is another way to sign up.
Getting the same message here too :(
Been getting the same error since last night as well. :(
Me too. I'm thinking we should have done this last night :-(
I procrastinated submitting the form last week when I last saw it and now I get the server failure :(
Perhaps we need to exercise a little patience? This is after all, adding new capability to a "field trial..."
I refuse to post on pages on Facebook because it plasters my name all over the place in search engine results. I have a nickname here because my profile has been this way since I set up my gmail. I'm sure hoping Gmail will continue to allow this because, if so, I'm more likely to be social and interact. I think most people feel this way. If I can continue interacting with both family and customers in a personal way as I am doing now, that would be better for me than another "page" . . I cannot interact on a personal level with my customers that like to share personal things with me through the current facebook page setup. They can see me, but I cannot see them. There should be some sort of good answer to allowing business to post as a business and allowing the customers to choose whether or not the business can see their personal wall or not.

P.S. I cannot get on ..server busy for me too.
I'm getting a date with this guy.
It would be nice if Google+ had a special feature ou page for professional contacts, for personal users. For example, I'd like to use G+ to help me getting in touch with people interested in lectures and talks about sustainability, things that I can offer professionally.
Can we vote of the companies we want to see first in the the business rollout?
Thanks for this Christian. I was hoping to get the Google Plus with Business as well. Yes I would be interested in checking out the Business Page from Google Plus. Unfortunately the link shared to sign up does not work. Please if you can do connect me with the Business and Brand Pages / Profile of Google Plus.

Additionally if we could have Blogger Blogs integrated onto Google Plus it would be great.
It looks like the form "Google+ Entity Profile Application" is turned off.

Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake.
Visit our help center

...already? bit early isnt it?
Just tried, forms def been turned off - please advise when it's back up again.
Damn...i was just going to fill that out?! Wasn't it due to be turned off after today?
I was filling the form then I was taking care of something at work. Now I came back its gone.

Well I wish you all the luck guys! Just inform us if you need some people to test it! :)
Is this going to be a way for musicians and artist to promote their bands and music also? Myspace is dying, but Facebook is really a gem there. Sending out invitations for shows and direct communication with fans and audience is vital for even the big names, and even more so for the independent artists and labels.
love this: I feel like this is the first aware, mature social network in the web (maybe I am a touch too exalted as a newbie); but please keep me informed: here in Italy we are just a bounch of people, this reminds me of the early times in the web: go ahead and let's run the tiger!
Why did you suspend The Trentonian's page? It is a news-gathering tool that helped us break a story the other day. Please activate the account ASAP. Joey Kulkin -- Editor.
Any chance I can get into this under the deadline? I am currently consulting for small offline (local) business marketing, and being in on this would be huge as I could also offer feedback from direct experience with my client(s) perspective.

Thanks for your considerations!
Tony Camero
Ivan K
I would really like to get on the list.
If possible it would be greatly appreciated.
They're only here because the users follow them. I say, #UserBoycott of all Brands capitalising on the Google+ Field Trial. Mashable, HuffPo, boycott all of them.
Good to know. Hope it will not be too late. My company is looking around to take a decision now.
Can we be in the list ?
I really would like to sign up but the ALL the links to the spreadsheet are dead. Help? Please?
I´ve already added myself to google+ and I also wnt to have a Business Page from Google+. How can I do that? I try the link above, but unfortunately the link shared to sign up does not work. Please, could you connect my company with the Business Pages of Google+?
Why haven't you shut down Mashable's then?
wish i could have gotten our business on the list. been in the woods camping for the last week. any other way to get on the list? or jus play the waiting game?
Looks like the page/document is either temporarily disabled -- or no longer available.
this is annoying, after trying for ages last week to submit a form multiple times they take the form down. Would be good to know if this was coming back online anytime soon.
Excited, I wonder if there is anything new about the accounts for businesses or brands. Regards.
Our company, Operational Transparency, would love to be in on the beta. Is there any information on whether or not the form will be posted again or are applications closed for now?
I like the businesses on here like my news etc. Leave it on. I think if they want to test run it now and then change when you get it ready, then let them. Taking them off is a bad idea as it gave me a better idea of how I would like it. Bad business on your part removing them. Anybody that doesn't want business circles can just not add it to their circle. I really like the features on Google+ than twitter or facebook for being able to keep my main social's in one place. Runs great on pc and mobile. Easy to read and sort by adding them to different circles. The posting to public or circles is nice.

The only think that I feel needs to be reformatted is the 'circles' page. It is large and if you have multiple circles it isn't really very user friendly. It need to be something smaller where if you have multiple circles there is no moving the bar up and down to drag and drop a user into whichever circle you like. Everything else for me is very good.
Please prevent "non=user" entities from dominating G+...if you can. Although, w/ circles, it's up to me to participate or not w/ non-human corporations.
Hi +Christian Oestlien - I am currently utilizing G+ as a way to directly interact with my fans AND friends, and in the process, actually connecting with some of the fans on a more personal level. It's fun to see how many of the are also geeking out on G+ like me. I am curious to know if there is a place where artists like myself can "get in a virtual line" for G+ artists pages and if this falls under the brand/business version of G+ you folks are currently working on. Thanks!
Are any international organisations part of the corporate G+ beta trial? Conversations are essential between citizens and NGOs, IGOs, non-profits, keeps everybody in touch and transparent. OECD has been conversing online and we'd like to dip our feet into the G+ pool, see how it would work.
The link "Google+ Entity Profile Application" is no longer working. Is it a bug or did you reach the limit?
+1 "Google+ Entity Profile Application" link broken :/
"the Mashable and Ford accounts have been restored, while Sesame Street (and Search Engine Land) is still returning a 404 message." Is there democracy on Google Plus, Mr. +Christian Oestlien? The mine has also not been restored!
Looking forward to it. I own an apparel company that is heavily involved in a community that communicates online. This would be great for us as we've been on facebook for a long time.
I have a Google+ business question, but would like to ask it privately. Is that possible?
I am an intern for a sporting goods company and I am working on a project to find the best social media platform to communicate between co-workers. I would love to be a part of the test group and it would make my manager really happy. Is there any way I can get more info on Google+ business or an invite to work with the business test group? Thank you!
Is there a chance to get into the test groups. We are a rather large organization (PrimeTel -Television, Fixed, Internet, Mobile) and would love to be part of it from the very beginning! if this is possible please email me
Are the application forms for Google+ Business still available?
Would like to fill out the form, but it has been turned off. Our organization would LOVE to be an early adopter.
Would LOVEEEEEEEEE to fill out the form, but it has been turned off. Any advice?