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Interesting to think about the effect an oversight like spamming all of my email contacts with LinkedIn invites would have on a more-closely associated network such as my Google+ circles or Facebook friends. For those who already are comfortable connecting (and the relative paucity of those connections is probably revealing in and of itself), who would really appreciate being invited to connect en masse?

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Brilliant piece.

"What’s happened over the last five years shows not that Apple disrupted the phone handset industry, but rather that Apple destroyed the handset industry — by disrupting the computer industry. Today, cell phones are apps, not devices."

via +John Gruber

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Would live to see this confirmed.
Most Talked About People On Social Networks

I started noticing a trend throughout the social media sphere. Every social network has slightly different types of conversations that take place. After doing a little research (and seeing folks like +Mike Elgan confirm my suspicion) I decided to create this simple photo that tells the story.

Enjoy g+niuses. ;)

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Nice outside look in on the LDS organization and culture. Also uses the word "doddle," which is noteworthy in itself.

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Blown away by how something so mundane (wire mesh) can be made so beautiful by just cutting it up a bit (ok, lots of bits).

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Based on Google's latest acquisition, it appears that the expansion of the social network from friendly conversation and sharing to real collaboration will continue in Google+.

Google+ circles facilitate these micro-social structures. See Fast Company: "Future of content is micro-social networks."

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