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Use your #whitespace wisely!
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that's too funny! hopefully this plant is absorbing the energy off your screen as well!
Bravo! Hope you forward it to Mr. Grumpy Leporte! :-)
Ha ha - thanks for the laugh. Going to get my plant now . . .
I like the new layout. White only happens on very hi-res wide displays. They will do something about the space.
Joe V
i wish there scroll down on the posts instead of the entire page
hey google:

<cough>liquid layouts</cough>

<cough#2>width: 75%;</cough>
Your critique of the design is valid. It is a waste of screen space.

But, honestly, how many people keep their browser maximized these days? With the exception of watching full-screen video, I haven't seen a maximized browser since the days of "this site best viewed in 1024 x 768 resolution on Internet Explorer 4." ;)
Needs a little less water...

but seriously.... :P
Thanks for posting the screenshot - i'm only on a 17" monitor at work and the whitespace is not that bad - seeing your screenshot shows how ridiculous that is - unless you're chatting with 8 people.
Looks fine on my 15 inch macbook pro
You can Zoom in which will increase the size of the stream..
Or make your browser window smaller... Why waste a nice big monitor and fill it up with only one window?
Yeah, Ctrl+mouse wheel can fix it if you want to view it like you're legally blind.
Dude, you should try putting bacon like the other guy did
Why anyone would maximize a browser like that on a widescreen is beyond me.
its so funny i just forgot to laugh :I
no comment from Suraj Bala. aww, sad. not being mean or anything.
I am using my crayons...
how do you change youtube username account
Agreed :P Second I saw the revision I quested why there was so much unused space. If I had to hazard a guess, optimized for tablet res.
The white space on my screen is wider than how far I can stretch my fingers on one hand.
riiight...just saw that whitespace..

It's good to let a design "breathe", but on a 27" screen this is just ridiculous! I better never maximize my browser while on G+ then.. If I maximize my browser I then have just under 40cm (over one foot) of whitspace going on!
What's this talk of no longer maximising browsers? I keep Safari maximised so I can just swipe back to another program on my desktop.. (Mac fan here)
soon the ads are coming on this white space :)
Nice plant...BTW, I'm sure they are just trying not to leave the people behind who are still using low-res settings on their monitors.
lmao.. actually I have a small screen (netbook), and I can zoom in and out of it, so if I really dont want any white space, I can make it practically disappear from my screen :P
Leo T
I think thats a great idea
Whitespace: Catering to those with lesser resolution monitors...that's all.
Haha this whitespace thingy is slowly becoming a meme isn't it?
haha, +1 for sure :D Whitespace memes going mainstream!!!
It's funny cause I still have a box screen, so the whitespace is only a little bit bigger than my chat bar.
I keep my browser maximised when I am surfing. It's a perfectly valid approach. Keeps me from having to resizing the browser everytime...
mine hasn't changed yet, but i'll be sure to post a photo of my idea to fill up the white space
I love the new UI, but I still thought it was funny.
There's a chrome extension for this whitespace
I'm having the same issue too. Felt my back cracked when I turn to the left now!
Yes, new Google+ layout is a massive fail.
There's nothing wrong with negative space.
you can stick your note pad on the empty space too. [rotf]
That's the problem with big widescreen monitors and "one-size-fits-all" GUIs
I am hoping there will be a display density settings panel, for 'comfortable, cozy, compact' like with Gmail which would make the experiences consistent.
this is why most people dont understand tecnology. it's always changing in weird ways. u think u've got it, then it changes. poof! there goes your grasp of it
4 real! u dont get it c'mon
Yeah... I'm thinking that's going to be filled with ads soon.
You guys do realize that the whitespace isn't an indicator of bad design, but of your poor window management, right? If you've got a screen that huge, half screen it, dummy.
Oki R
Sorry, I am with Christian. What else is the whitespace for??
No Dean, it's a product of poor design. Every major website adjusts to screen size. This is webdesign 101, and a huge embarrassment for google, considering they are the biggest internet company in history.

Lawlz, seriously, google didn't bother to see how it looked on different monitors? Did no one look at it? I mean my monitor at work is like 640x500 and there is still white space...lawlz!!!
Thanks for all your comments! I had fun reading them all! :)
I think it's perfect. Couldn't ask for anything better

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