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Geekscape of the Day: Strange Encounters
Artist: Francisco Mauriz Visit: .

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IX kaufen lohnt sich...
My article on password security myths, security theatre and cargo cult science has been made available online. Yeah. I hope it helps. 

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Glaubt man eigentlich nicht.

It's unclear which libraries Miele used to craft the Web server, which means without a fix from the vendor – for a dishwasher – the best option is to make sure the appliance isn't exposed to the Internet.

And because Miele is an appliance company and not a pure-play IT company, it doesn't have a process for reporting or fixing bugs.

The researcher that noticed the dishwasher's Web server (please, readers, ponder those three words in succession and tell us they don't make you want to grab pitchforks), Jens Regel of German company Schneider-Wulf, complains that Miele never responded to his notification, first made in November 2016.

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Ich habe Follower die juckts dann ein wenig😉

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Das ist genau das Problem.
Kriminelle definieren sich dadurch, dass sie Gutmütigkeit und Vertrauen der Gesellschaft ausnutzen.

Ich habe bis eben noch einen für alle offenen XMPP-Server betrieben. Das ist jetzt zu Ende. Danke an die Vollpfosten aus Russland, die mehrere 10k Account aufgemacht haben um damit zu spammen.

Es tut mir leid, aber keine neuen User mehr. Ihr müsst in Zukunft eure eigenen Server betreiben und dann auf Federation setzen.

Eventuell komme ich irgendwann auf die Idee, oauth2 mit reinzufrickeln und dann gegen Google laufen zu lassen, aber ich bin da gerade nicht motiviert. So gar nicht motiviert.

Spannender Seitenfakt: Ich habe zu dem Thema keine einzige Abuse Mail bekommen, das verwundert.

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Juhuuu #neuland demontiert sich weiter.

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Schau mal da.
Eine Endkundenlösung

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Important movie
On this day:
At 24th March of 1984, five students report at 7:00 A.M. on a Saturday for all-day detention at Shermer High School in Shermer, Illinois, 60062. While not complete strangers, each of them comes from a different clique, and they seem to have nothing in common: the beautiful and pampered Claire Standish (a "princess"), the state champion wrestler Andrew Clarke (an "athlete"), the bookish Brian Johnson (a "brain"), the reclusive outcast Allison Reynolds (a "basket case") and the rebellious John Bender (a "criminal").

If you had an asymmetrical haircut and a collection of new-wave vinyl in 1985, you probably remember the release of "The Breakfast Club" as a powerful moment in your young life. The definitive movie from writer-director John Hughes, became a cultural touchstone for several generations and a landmark for movies overall. "The Breakfast Club" shattered nearly every teen-film convention, just as its opening quote; a lyric from David Bowie's adolescent anthem, "Changes", exploded into smithereens across the screen.

The film encompasses all of the different characteristics that compose the never ending clique-oriented aspects of high school including the jock, the emotionally conflicted rebel, the thief, prom queen, and (of course) the brain. Locked in a room together for the majority of their Saturday afternoon in detention they discover that maybe the theories they had about another are actually conceived by false interpretations they have developed based on biased opinions of their own secluded cliques and family backgrounds.

While being lorded over by Principal Richard Vernon (played brilliantly by Paul Gleason; he almost steals the show!), the self-dubbed "Breakfast Club" start to get to know each other a little bit. They learn they have more in common with another than they had ever imagined.

"The Breakfast Club" established the so-called Brat Pack of young actors in their most iconic roles. Molly Ringwald is Claire, a brutally honest socialite. A moving Emilio Estevez plays the popular jock Andrew; in any other film, a villain. Ally Sheedy intensifies a somewhat weak role as Allison, a kohl-smeared misfit. Judd Nelson, as Bender, wears an unconvincing "rebel" outfit; a subcultural casserole of denim, leather and tweed but he comes on like a Brando for the Reagan era. Anthony Michael Hall, as math-geek Brian, provides the voice of wisdom.

In the last superb/emotional 30 minutes of the film, they pour their hearts out to each other. Emotional topics such as suicide, abuse, and drugs are brought into the conversation caused by all of their parents. Molly Ringwald's character "Claire" doesn't believe their friendships will carry on after the Saturday of detention when Brian asks the question. They all eventually break into tears after they all admit the stress of life, school, and popularity.

They end a legendary conversation with admitting that they care about each other and a laugh at Brian's expense (although he eventually laughs with them too.) After dancing to 80's pop music in happiness, giving Allison a makeover, and writing the supposed letter posed to be written to Mr. Vernon in the beginning about "who they think they are", they walk out of detention with pride and accomplishment.

Everyone has problems and bad things that happen to them especially at a young age where we are nothing but confused as to what we are and want to identify with something. From the opening piece of narration by Anthony Michael Hall's character to the finishing narration that completes said opening and the wonderful final shot as "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds plays, this movie is nothing but a delight.

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