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Christian Lizardo Aligo
A Good Friend at Duraville Marketing Inc. and Lancris Residences
A Good Friend at Duraville Marketing Inc. and Lancris Residences

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Quite An Uneasy Feeling
Today is my day off from work, but I
am spending it for myself to regain some energy and vibrancy . I have long thought of
going up to Baguio again to visit my brother, Marlon who is recovering from stroke. My brother was
rushed to Baguio all the way from M...

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On Reviews of Experience with GL/Lizardo Buses
The other day, I have read a long post about his terrible experience on a Bontoc-bound bus. Now I am reading such a pleasant review. Just like any other service provider, GL/Lizardo Trans is no perfect company with perfect staff for a perfect ride. It has b...

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Achieving Insanely Beautiful Skin
have been done and studies have shown that young professionals in the 21st
century, between the ages of 21 to 28 are the ones who have not been physically
conscious until they see wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles under the eyes. On
a good note tho...

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Avoiding Free Radicals
avoid free radicals fully, we need to know just exactly what these free
radicals are. It may sound sort of scientific but we are exposed to free
radicals on a daily basis. Examples of free radicals are cigarette smoke,
environmental polluntants, radiatio...

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Sagada: A Tale of Christmas Homecoming
The view of pine trees
marching along the road gave me a sign I am less than two hours away from home.  As
we approached the little town of Sagada in the Cordilleras, I called my mother
to say I have arrived after the 12-hour ride from the capital region. T...

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4 Simple Skin Regimens for You!
beautiful skin does not always mean you need to break the bank and buy the most
expensive skin care products just for the search of our skin’s holy grail. It
doesn’t need to be like that simply because you just need to know and
understand your skin t...

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Skin Rituals You Must Start Doing
Just like our biblical engagement, the skin has a ritual.  Skin rituals a re very helpful especially when you do it religiously, without missing
out on it or being lazy. These skin rituals are enough to make your skin glow
without going to the derma salon a...

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Top 10 Events in 2016 That Changed My Life
“Highly amusing yet deeply engaging” best describes
my 2016.  Here’s the top 10 events in 2016 that molded me and my life into a better shape. 10. Opened a Travel Website My training in journalism gives less about the needed approach in modern travelogue wr...

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Doc Pao Republic: Merry Christmas To All
PRESS RELEASE- With Christmas just being around the corner, we
felt like it was time to touch base with our favorite doctor and ask how 2016
has been for him. Doctor Paolo Bellosillo, our favorite nature therapy doctor
answers a few questions for us this se...
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