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Ich hätte noch ein paar Invites für #GoogleInbox  zu vergeben. Wer einen möchte, bitte über Hangouts melden.

I have one invite to share. But it must be claimed within half an hour.

Ich hätte noch einen Invite übrig. Ist aber nur noch ca. 2 Stunden gültig. Bei Interesse Nachricht über Hangouts.

Ich hätte da ein paar Invites für Google Inbox abzugeben. Wer von den Erzgebirglern Interesse hat, bitte per Hangouts melden.

Is it planed to integrat Quitter?

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Wäre das nicht was für den ein oder anderen? ;-)
Bei einem Auktionshaus im schwäbischen Bietigheim wird eine sehr seltene Whiskey-Sammlung versteigert. 2.600 Stücke. Mindestgebot: 120.000€|Name=DetailsA&Cat=GP&NID=12358990&Phase=AUCTION&Lang=DE&DB=PHILNET\GAERTNER\GPKATAUK.NSF&CID=1

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Und wieder ein toller Twitter-Client, den das Los der Token-Begrenzung getroffen hat.
As they say, it's not what happens but how you react and handle it.

So the inevitable at Twitter API side happened to +Carbon for Android . We all knew it was going to happen, we just didn't know when. Does that make my last two months of work on the v.2 lost? No! 

Doest it mean Twitter is evil? Probably not. So I don't wanna' see comments saying stuff like that. But, I wanna' see how to go forward or may be NOT.

Definitely not going for the stunts and the blame game and crying over it, that's how the obscure get known, we don't do that. +Carbon for Android v.2 is our 5th Twitter client, so believe me, it hurts, but I guess it's time to move on for REAL. Building clients business is no business. Open APIs happy hour is over. It's Make your own stuff time. A few might know about my Fitness service in the making, that's been taking most of my time lately. So, I've been ready for this and didn't put my eggs in the same basket, or somethin' like that?

How to go about Carbon now?

I'll keep the planned updates coming. I'll update app's description and warn users who download it that only those who had tokens can use it. And NO! I won't make a way for custom API keys, that's just going around the problem, and we don't cut corners when it comes to that.

And, time to turn the page. I really hope this won't be blogged about or talked about, because it was inevitable. And it's such a repeat topic anyways. 2014, let's move on.

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Eines der besten Widgets die ich kenne.

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