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All content created using tools available on Ubuntu.


Digital illustration done in GIMP from a sketch. The line art is from a time before I decided to do this video. Additionally I simplified the image from my original goal to save time. How about I let you know when I do something right?

My goal was to showcase the capabilities of an open source software stack geared toward illustration. Comments and questions are welcome. : )
Final image is here:

GIMP - (Visual Editing Software)
Kazam - (Screen Casting)
OpenShot - (Video Editing)
Ubuntu - (Operating System)
My GIMP interface setup - System76 Leopard Extreme - (Computer Tower)
Samsung 27" S27B970D Series 9 Quad HD LED -

My website -
My Facebook -
Twitter -
My Google+ -

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+Matthew Timmons-Brown​ takes a five-minute tour of our new 7" touchscreen display.

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The Royal Institution have made the video of the first of their 2014 Christmas Lectures – the one with all the Raspberry Pis in it – available to watch online, wherever you are in the world. Find it from our blog post at

#raspberrypi #royalinstitutionchristmaslectures #makermovement

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Mesmerizing Quake demake runs on a decades-old oscilloscope via Engadget Android

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Been running this on my phone a few days now. Only problem is the camera and nfc (which I never use) still doesn't work, otherwise lots of CM11 love :-)

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360 degree panorama from South Head (above Chinley) Derbyshire.
Sunday 9th Novmber 2014.

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