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Christian Hunter
Christian Hunter, Austin, INTJ, optimist, technologist, dog lady.
Christian Hunter, Austin, INTJ, optimist, technologist, dog lady.

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Hey all, I know I'm deviating a bit from the conventional "nootropic", but I wanted to bring an absolutely fascinating technology to your attention.  The tech is called tDCS (transcranial direct current stimulation) and the results it's been getting are almost too good to be true!  I just received the first consumer tDCS headset (have yet to use!) and wanted to share the experience.  Wish me luck!

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Vice News profiles nootropics. Story questions whether nootropics give its users an unfair advantage:

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American passengers heroically save up to 500 passengers on French train:

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If not very effective, Tenoten is, at minimum, very interesting:

For those of you not familiar, Tenoten is a new anxiolytic and antidepressant that works by helping produce actual antibodies to brain-specific protein S-100B.

Have a look at this NIH study:

Many more studies can be found by simple Google search on the NIH site, Longecity, and others.

This is the first nootropic I'm aware of that works in such a way. Anyone have experience with it?

Its potency is purported to be on par with benchmark pharmaceuticals like amitryptiline, sertraline, and phenazepam (but without causing the drowsiness and sedation that oft accompany those meds).

If we're to believe the studies, then that's pretty remarkable efficacy for a nootropic; especially one in a box tragically marred by one of the most horrific packaging designs I've ever been eye molested by.

Perhaps it's true what they say, that good things do come in small packages...designed by disturbed Native Americans...back in the 60' LSD induced psychosis and requisite killing spree...

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This nootropic (of sorts) has been proven to increase learning by 230%!

The system, "tDCS", stands for "Transcranial Direct Stimulation".  tDCS is a science more in gestation than actual infancy (which is one attribute of this thing that makes it so interesting).  What makes this technology truly exciting however are the early results coming from tests when the device is properly used.

tDCS itself is a form of neurostimulation which uses constant, low-current delivered directly to the brain through various vectors (different cognitive functions appear to be enhanced more significantly depending where on scalp electrodes are placed). 

The technology was originally developed to help patients with brain injuries such as strokes. However, more recently tests on healthy adults have demonstrated that tDCS can substantially increase cognitive performance on a variety of tasks, (again depending on the area of the brain being stimulated). 

tDCS has thus far been utilized to enhance language and mathematical ability, attention span, problem solving, working memory, learning, and coordination.  In some of the more interesting studies below you'll learn that tDCS has enhanced a overall learning speed by a factor of 230%!  

Here are some fascinating articles on the system:

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Hey all,

I'm curious to know if any of you know much about the "CILTEP stack"? It's been getting a lot of attention very recently for its purportedly powerful effects in enhancing memory, learning, and mood?  Here's a bit more information on it?

The #CILTEP stack is meant to work by inducing a state of LTP, or "long-term-potentiation" in the brain.  In simplified terms, #LTP is typically achieved by intensively stimulating a group of axons that converge on a target neuron.   The process itself is believed to be a major underlying factor in synaptic plasticity and considered one of the key cellular mechanisms that underly learning and memory. 

CILTEP bypasses the need for conventional synaptic activation of LTP through use of chemicals (or supplements as it were).  These supplements, in part, raise cAMP concentrations in the brain, as well as help inhibit their depletion (PDE4 inhibition).

Dopamine also plays a role in LTP.   This stack purportedly improves the effectiveness of dopamine's function in catalyzing learning and memory processes.  Of note, CILTEP preserves the normal chemical dynamics of the dopamine system and does not result in down-regulation of the dopamine receptors. 


Artichoke Extract
Phenylalanine or Other Dopamine Precursor
Optional Stimulant

For additional information please visit:

Here is another great conversation string on the topic:

And a related study:

I'd love to know if any in this community have experience with CILTEP and/or get your thinking on its legitimacy?


Christian Hunter
Austin, TX
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