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Christian Hochfilzer is the Director of UX Design & Development at an established San Diego web design, development and online marketing firms based in San Diego County, CA established in the year 2000.

At the heart of NetConstructor is the simple belief that results speak for themselves. We understand that regardless of how aesthetically pleasing an advertisement or website may be, or how much theoretical sense the technique makes, unless the campaign produces the desired results, it has failed.

We pride ourselves in utilizing technology to develop innovative ROI-focused marketing and media solutions that help our clients embrace the constantly evolving business place. We aim to build and nurture mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients and take an immense amount of pride in the work we perform and campaigns we launch on behalf of each and every company with which we work.

Our process is simple… By combining tried-and-true principles of advertising and human behavior, we plan each project with your target market in mind. We take a uniquely human approach to everything that we do and are constantly asking “how might the consumer react to this?” At the end of the day, we measure success by results. As such, we maintain an acute focus on how what we’re doing will have an impact where it counts: your bottom line.

View my Personal Portfolio here: Christian Hochfilzer

Company Website: San Diego Web Development

View the NetConstructor Google+ Page:
NetConstructor Google+ Page

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pushing pixels & slinging code
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Rancho Santa Fe, CA (San Diego)
Kitzbuehel, Austria - Vienna, Austria
Director of UX & Strategy
UX/UI, User Experience Design, BigData, Visualizations, Web Design, Website Development, ETL, Text Mining, Scraping, Solr, Lucene, Linux, Postgres, PostGIS 2.0, GIS, GEO, Web Mining, Data Visualizations, Data Transformations, Javascript, Faceted Search, ElasticSearch, Jquery, User Interface Design
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    Dir. Strategy & Development, 2000 - present
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Christian Hochfilzer

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yes, more so than Tucker. I'm sure Taz plotted this entire photo.
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Christian Hochfilzer

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First of all Great job creating this theme. I wanted to know if you have integrated the ability to view live TV using ceton or hdhomerun tuners? If not, is this something you plan on adding soon? My goal is to have a solution which replicates the clean interface and capabilities windows media center provides to view/browse/record live TV. CH

Christian Hochfilzer

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Christian Hochfilzer

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Christian Hochfilzer

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Wondering what Sony's next +Google TV  box will look like? Turns out it's a lot like the #Chromecast   -- check out pictures and specs of the NSZ-GU1 here:
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Christian Hochfilzer

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MPEG2 Decode And Hardware Based De-Interlacing
HDHomeRun DVR Software Coming Soon
If you are wondering if the SHIELD supports MPEG2
decode and hardware based de-interlacing for OTA
digital TV other distributed media it does, but it isn’t
enabled by default.  To be 100% transparent with our
readers we found out that the MPEG2 hardware decode
was enabled in the press review build to allow editors to
test the HDHomerun TV tuner setup. The retail system
that goes on sale today will not initially have MPEG2
hardware decode enabled.  NVIDIA informed us that the
makers of the TV tuner box (Silicondust HDHomerun)
will be ...! releasing an app with DVR functionality sometime*
in June. Those that buy said TV tuning box and app will automatically be enabled with MPEG2 decode in hardware.
If NVIDIA were to include MPEG2 decode in hardware,
they would have had to pay licensing fees, and that would
increase the cost of the product for everyone. Not all of
the people that purchase the SHIELD Android TV have the
desire to use MPEG2, so NVIDIA tied the functionality to
the purchase of the HDHomerun tuner box as it sounds
like the licensing fee is built into the price of that particular
TV tuner.  NVIDIA told Legit Reviews that they are considering offering a codec pack on the App store for those that want
a wider variety of codec support in hardware, but there is
no release date available as the codec pack isn’t for certain.
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I really like FolderSync and have been using it since it originally came out however its missing two key features which prevent me from using it in various situations:

1st Request) We often make use of foldersync in combination with Tasker however it would be extremely useful if you could extend foldersync with the ability to emit a silent notification/message which we can consume/act upon within tasker when foldersync completes a sync. We are specifically looking to have foldersync report any file specific errors, retry attempts as well as the details of which files were involved within the last sync. Receiving this data allows us to consume this information within tasker and immediately act upon them using custom matching actions/rules/triggers.

2nd Request) This one relates to the extended ability to have foldersync auto-rename filenames when a duplicate filename is detected depending on where the file is to be saved. Currently the only option to get the more current version onto the target is to overwrite the old file. What I would kill for here is simply the ability to define which file should be auto-renamed potentially even with the ability to define the prefix/suffix variables/method to be used. This would open up a bunch of possibilities including basic file version histories. Once this request is considered please also include an option to "auto-delete" old versions as well based on a flexible method of defining things like # of previous versions, all files older than "X days/weeks" and/or a combination of the two.
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He's ignored me.
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Christian Hochfilzer

commented on a video on YouTube.
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very cool dude!

Christian Hochfilzer

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Christian Hochfilzer

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