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Woke up in a coughing fit, and to calm down was reading the interwebs. Usually a dumb move but, thanks to my baby sister, saw this. Two Words... Go Ashley!!!

Now... Back to sleep. 
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We need more people like Ashley who mercilessly take the media machine to task for its destructive behaviour.
I made a terrible mistake of reading the comments. Some people clearly are not great at reading comprehension.
After reading her very thoughtful essay... I checked her Bio...and I quote:

"Ashley is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. She completed a major in French, and minors in Anthropology, Art History, Theater, and Women’s Studies. She also graduated from UK’s Honor’s Program. In 2009, she fulfilled her dream of going to graduate school... she graduated from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government with an MPA. Amongst other achievements at Harvard, she was awarded the Dean’s Scholar Award for her work in the Harvard Law class, Gender Violence: Law and Social Justice."


So yeah...Although she does remind me of mutual friend who is also a high striving person....
+Lisa Moore While it's far too glib to just say "Ashley Judd for President", her public persona certainly leads me to think she'd be an outstanding and important fit for public office, and at the higher level, the better. If Ronald Reagan could become a Governor and then President, why not her?
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