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Happy International Cat Day

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Spieltyp: Glück und Stategie
Anzahl Spieler: 2 -4
Dauer: 1-3 Stunden, abhängig von der
Spielart (Spielverkürzung siehe Szenarien)
Entstehungszeitraum: April 2011
Entwickelt von: Angela von Wartburg und Christian Enzler

Der Spieler befiehlt drei Schiffe, mit denen er in der Karibik Inseln einnimmt, Rohstoffe abbaut, seine Flotte aufrüstet und kämpft.
Armada Caribeña
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ZHdK - 2012 - Procedural Game Design

About the Game:
- Destroy gates, which are marked with color
- Upon successful destruction of the gates will be an audio loop activated
- If the player is playing well, he is rewarded with music
- As resources (ammunition), the player is the swarm of squares

Christian Enzler: Programming, Audio Track, Audio Effects
Gregor Strnad: Graphics, Animation

Programs used:
- Unity 3d
- Ableton Live
- Reaper
- 3ds Max
music spotter – game prototype
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Dream of a Machine is a game about speed and about a kid robot who dreams of being a hero. But mostly, it is about speed.

The player controls the robot with the left joystick. The right joystick is used to look around. The goal is to deliver packages from one delivery station to another. In order to know which package you should take up, just follow the arrow over your head. If the arrow disappears, briefly step into the sun and it will appear again. But beware! Don’t stay too long in the sun or your circuits are going to melt and the game’s over for you.
Dream of a Machine
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Bachelor’s degree project by me and Gregor Strnad.
Created at the Zurich University of the Arts, January - May 2013

Christian Enzler
GameDesign, Programming, Sound concept, Playtesting

Gregor Strnad:
Game Design, Concept Art, Graphic Design, Level Design, Charakter Design, Modeling, Animation

Lucien Montandon

Ernest Faisztl
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