It's Wednesday! Time for another batch of Outtakes: witty soundbites from our surveys that didn't make it into the guides. Enjoy!

- “A concept whose time has go away.”
- “Very cheesy – although perhaps a fine Brie rather than Velveeta.”
- “Rushed service didn’t bother us, because the food was forgettable.”
- “Waitstaff was more arrogant than my cat.”
- “If you have dog hearing like I do, the eavesdropping is hilarious.”
- “An expensive cheap dinner that sneaks up on you.”
- “I would like to hire the decorator but not so much the chef.”
- “The chicken was only slightly smaller than a chihuahua and tougher than a bulldog.”
- “Never sure if the food is subtle – or bland.”
- “Airhead waitresses who would rather give you their headshot than a drink.”

Photo via CMMooney on Flickr:
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