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It's amazing how many new "next generation" Android devices are shipping with old operating systems (Gingerbread). There are several Android phones I'm interested (primarily the Galaxy Beam), but I have no interest in buying a phone that's been modified by carriers before I buy it, then abandoned afterwards. I feel like this will really become detrimental to Android's future growth -- and don't even get me started on Android tablets.
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Totally agree. Especially because once you get used to ICS (and especially the Chome Beta), it is hard to imagine taking that step back on a new device.
ICS is an amazing operating system. Have installed CM9 on my Droid 3 and even though some essentials do not work (bluetooth, sometimes phone) - there is no way I'm going back to Gingerbread after using it. Spoiled.
If these phones were launching with stock Gingerbread and promising to upgrade to stock ICS, that would be one thing. I would be ok with that. But they're launching with adulterated Gingerbread (which I hate), and if they upgrade at all, it will be to some kind of unknown form of adulterated ICS. I'd love to check out the Note, Beam, Razr, etc., but not with these ridiculous policies.
It doesn't bother me. I haven't used ICS but from the screen shots I much prefer HTC Sense.

To HTC's credit they also allow you to root the phone and put whatever you want on.
I would expect that with the Motorola Mobility acquisition being cleared, that Google would step in and fix some of the "carrier overlay" on this side of things. Perhaps then others will follow suit?

Agreed all around though. Wish we had the option even on corrupted phones to revert to pure ICS/Gingerbread.
Ditto. I wish these fancy UIs were just proprietary launcher apps that could be uninstalled like any other.
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