My biggest beef with Globalisation: It isn't there yet!

I may not be a full member of the Eastern Standard Tribe (my sleep schedule just doesn't quite mesh with that, and I'm probably way too german for that too), but in many other ways, my culture habits are a bit US-centric, if not international.

As a result, I have friends and acquaintances all over the world, and my newssources point me to websites all over the globe too.

But I cannot use a gift receipt from in my german account. I cannot get english language movies from my local Google Movies account. HBO won't accept me as a subscriber, and the hoops needed to get around that are... mind boggling.

I think that being able to share culture is best thing we could wish for when working for things like, you know, world peace. But thanks to business models and rules that completely predate the world-wide-communications era, we can't do that. US folks may note quite notice that, as most services are US-based first, but this fragmentation is a pain in the ass.

I wish we had true globalisation.
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