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The hipster is strong in this one.

(seriously, using gully covers as printing presses is an awesome idea)
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this is excellent. I wonder if I should do the same with other stuff. Tokyo would win, but I'd dread the thought of being caught doing that in Japan! :)
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Das Darknet ist ein sehr großes und dunkles Netz, dessen Größe nur durch seine Dunkelheit überschattet wird. Und diese Dunkelheit wird nur von seiner Größe übertroffen.
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You know, back when there was "Collateral Murder", Wikileaks exposed something important. If there was collateral damage to the leak itself, it was (if my memory serves me right) minimal and in the end probably justified by exposing the greater evil.

The last few leaks though? The insights were mostly banal, but they got published at the cost to literally millions of people.

Can someone please tell them to just stop?

(who am I kidding - this won't stop, because a) assholes and b) #alleskaputt. So we maybe should start looking for solutions to regain privacy or at least some measure of safety in the land of constant disclosure. That doesn't give those assholes a carte blanche to publish everything willy-nilly though)
Just days after a bloody coup attempt shook Turkey, Wikileaks dumped some 300,000 emails they chose to call "Erdogan emails." In response, Turkey's inter...
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And how was your weekend?
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Meetings I'd love to have witnessed: Simon Pegg asking the Beastie Boys to use one of their songs in Star Trek.

Simon: "we'd like to use your song"
BB: "it's Star Trek, so probably cool. Which one?"
Simon: "Sabotage"
BB: "bold choice, what for?"
Simon: "[redacted for spoiler]"
BB: "and then what happens?"
Simon, making wooshing noises and hand gestures: "[redacted for spoiler]"

(high fives all around, bottles get opened, spontaneous party starting.)

So, Star Trek Beyond is fun.
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Just for trivia: The same song was already featured in Star Trek (2009) as Young-Kirk joyrided a red car in a canyon … which explains Old-Kirk’s smirk, as he approves on the music choice. :-)
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I call that first attempt at Shooters Sandwich a success!
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so.. I'm back to actually ordering physical CDs.
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I never really stopped. And not just because of awesome packaging like this:
(from -- contains NSFWish imagery)
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I really wonder if this works...
Escape from the world & Set your mood. An Intelligent acoustic device creating your Personal Zone | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!
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+Christian Buggedei Ja so verstehe ich das auch. Find ich dann aber nicht so spannend. Wenn ich nen Klangteppich will der alle anderen Geräusche überdeckt nehm ich einfach meinen Sohn mit.
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Feminist Parental Bragging

I showed Peo the original Ghostbusters just now.

Me [pausing the movie as the Keymaster and Gatekeeper are snogging]: Do you see how this is male wish fulfillment?

Peo: What do you mean?

Me: Well all this time, Lewis has been hitting on Dana. They indicate that it's been going on for some time before the movie starts. That's why she says, "I know, I know" about his nutritional stuff. Is she interested in him?

Peo: No, not for dating.

Me: Right. So what's happening now?

Peo: She's kissing him, but only because she's possessed.

Me: So if you're a nerdy guy watching this, and there's a hot lady you've always had a crush on and you've never had a chance of dating her, but now because she's possessed you get your wish, that's good for you, right?

Peo: I guess so.

Me: When we watched the new movie last night, whom did you identify with?

Peo [excitedly shouting]: ERIN!!! I want to be ERIN!!!!

Me: And whom do you identify with in this movie?

Peo: Um...uh...well...not really any of them.

Me: That's because the original - which is a movie I've loved almost all of my life, one of my all-time favourite movies - is male wish fulfillment. I can enjoy it, but it's not for me the same way it is for a straight male audience.

Peo: Oh.

Me: But the new movie, oh my god, it's TOTALLY our wish fulfillment.

Peo: YEAH! I want to be a scientist just like Erin!

Me: And I can't decide whether I want to be Holtzmann or Abby. Kind of both, because I really identify with parts of both. So which character can a straight male nerd identify with in the new movie?

Peo: Um, nobody?

Me: Yeah. And imagine that all your life, you're used to movies that speak to YOU and tell a story for YOU to imagine YOURSELF into, and here comes a remake of one of those beloved movies that instead lets someone else do that and not you so much. Can you see now why so many guys are angry and spewing hate about the new movie?

Peo: So this is one of those "feminazis stole my ice cream" things, isn't it?


#feminazisstolemyicecream   #proudfeministmama
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top be honest: Ich habe das mehr wegen dem Video statt des Kommentars geteilt.
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Ora! Ora! Ora!
A dream come true! Happy to finally share this with you all ⚔ #brandspakingnew #WonderWoman #WWxSDCC · Embedded image. 9:05 AM - 22 Jul 2016. 19.2K Retweets26.5K Likes. Reply to @GalGadot. Replies. Jacko. Jul 22. Jacko @JediJacko. @GalGadot @WonderWomanFilm QUEEN.
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That is one packed game box...
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still waiting for mine!
unless you shuffle those cards many times for each gameplay, or they have secondary market value, they don't need to be shuffled. I sleeve only card games.
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Ich hatte die Vorspeisenplatte - und ja, die war richtig lecker!
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Echte Wiener Schnitzel bei denen man den Tellerrand nicht mehr sieht. Was will man mehr? (Oh ja: Freundliche Bedienung, ansonsten leckere Dinge, angenehmes Ambiente - alles vorhanden!)
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Hier gibt es Mittagstisch in lecker und für faires Geld - immer weniger als 7 Euro für Suppe, Hauptmahlzeit & Dessert. Stets auch immer mindestens eine vegetarische Option die geschmacklich auch absolut gleichwertig zu den fleischhaltigen Varianten ist. Einzig der mitunter (baulich bedingte) hohe Geräuschpegel im Laden hält mich davon ab, permanenter Stammgast zu sein.
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Ein Freund sagt, hier gäbe es die beste Pizza in Hamburg. Ich habe noch nicht alle Angebote in der Stadt durchprobiert, aber er könnte recht haben. Netter schneller Service, klasse Pizza.
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Die Kuchen und Torten sind ja legendär, aber auch das Frühstück ist seinen (fairen) Preis wert. Die leicht plüschige Ausstattung tut dann ihren Teil - man fühlt sich h wohl hier.
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