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Christian Buggedei (JollyOrc)
Silly on the net, earnest in town, and Jack in the country.
Silly on the net, earnest in town, and Jack in the country.
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Brilliant Marketing, Kingsman & Archer have it.

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If you like Science Fiction of the opulent and ignores-physics kind, go watch Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets!

Yes, they dropped Laureline from the title (which I find kinda sad), yes, she's not a redhead and not from medieval times, but who frigging cares?!

The movie is visually stunning, full of cool details and wacky ideas that any gonzo D&D group would be proud of. The costumes and props are inventive as hell, the setting teems with live, and the only reason we don't hear a collective "THIS IS AWESOME!" is because the 5th Element uses the same visual foundation, so doesn't seem as fresh and novel as it should.

The movie is great, and the universe it portrays is much richer and dense than the one presented in, say, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Also: That introduction with the succession of greetings? I cried a little at that, this is what the dream of space exploration is all about.

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I made a thing: Printable A5 sized note sheets: Session notes, boxes to keep count of hit points, money etc, a short template for a campaign timeline plus sheets where you can enter all the spells your character knows.

The session sheet is for the ad-hoc notes during a session. I find it easiest to simply record spent ressources in that format, and only do the exact tally at the end of the session, or when I gather that something is nearly gone. The timeline for logging those events one deems important.

I chose a layout for duplex printing, and assumed that one has a two-ring binder to put the things in. 

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A few errors were made: For starters, I broke the spine by punching the rivet-holes, the inner cloth is too big, and I shouldn't have done triangle cuts around the spine. But the end result is entirely useable, and the correct size.

Of course, still missing that pen holder, but I won't niggle about details for now.

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Have you missed Terrifying German Culture Hour yet?


Click on the Bettina-part in the blog article, and you'll wish you'd have missed it.

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I blame +Paolo Greco, just on principle, but I've actually been looking up bookbinding supply online shops lately.

(true reason: I really like the idea of this Kickstarter, but I don't play D&D5E, and it's missing a built-in pouch or at least a friggin' pencil-holder.

#followerpower: Gibt es irgendwo im Netz das Video von Lotto King Karls "Da ist die Tür"?

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I can observe a bunch of grifters from my office window...
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