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Christian Buggedei (JollyOrc)
Silly on the net, earnest in town, and Jack in the country.
Silly on the net, earnest in town, and Jack in the country.
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"I’m not judgmental, but if you can’t remove an avocado stone without chopping off your hand, there’s something wrong with you."


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“At first glance, you will see comforting elements like curly braces […]”

I’m not sure if Google and I have the same concept of “comforting”

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Did I mention that we're looking for a Product Manager?

You'll work on Adtech, mobile advertising, front- and backend systems, specify products for web, Android and iOS. IT'S FUN!

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we had a blast with Tales from the Loop!

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This is scary. "To think about Rodney King is to imagine a reality in which it was actually kind of shocking to see a video of four cops kicking and night-sticking an unarmed black man over the head repeatedly. Now videos of police violence are about as surprising and rare as weather reports, and forgotten almost as quickly once passed."

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I'm looking for a (junior?) Product Manager. If words like "Mobile Advertising", "Programmatic" or "Startup" doesn't send you running away, screaming, and if you don't mind working for a green-haired hipster, you want to talk to me.

(full job description will turn up at as soon as I get around to write it. If you're cool, I might tailor it for you!)

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Before you jump in and rant: The article is actually in favour of moshpits.

That said: The argument is that moshpits are a place where dickheads grope and molest people, and that there are idiots who are way to violent. Hence safe spaces.

I agree that you should be able to enjoy your favourite artists without being molested or injured and that you shouldn't have to have to brave the moshpit.

But this white straight dude also thinks that moshpits are an integral part of this particular culture and I wouldn't want to give them up at all.

That said: I've always experienced moshpits as an incredible physical, exhausting but also safe place. In the 20odd years I've braved them, I've seen lots of times where people fell and immediately had space made for them, where people looked out for those who looked overwhelmed, and where people visibly cared about not groping folks.

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Goat Headlines make the best headlines: Norway Goat Cheese Fire

Amazon Fresh startet jetzt auch in Berlin. Haken: Zusätzlich zur Prime Mitgliedschaft soll es gut 10 Euro im Monat kosten, die Ware kommt mit gut 6 Stunden Wartezeit und dann gibt es noch einen Mindestbestellwert von 40 Euro.

Fragen die sich mir stellen:
* Was ist daran jetzt besser als Prime Now?
* Was ist daran jetzt besser als irgendein beliebig anderer Supermarkt-Lieferservice?

Mir erschließen sich die Vorteile noch nicht so ganz...
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