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My daily dose of Random has just been fulfilled for the next month.
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Washington DC: I'll be visiting from September 19-26. I'll probably be made to go eat all the burritos and see all the Smithsonians. (and the White House, but only from the outside, because german)

Anyone in my circles/timelines who wants to meet up?
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+Peter Lemken someone should revise the information on their webpage then.

You hear me, +German Embassy ?
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"Medienkompetenz" Marke Fefe: Behauptet, dass die Proficyberhackerexperten ja jetzt wegen SJW Tor verlassen würden, und man nun aus purer Not mit dem Klingelbeutel umgeht, die Freiwilligen warnt nix selbst zu machen und so in die Arme von kompromittierter Großindustrie zu schicken.

...Und gibt als Quelle einen Link in dem Schritt für Schritt erklärt wird, wie man selbst (!) einen (gehosteten, aber es wird nicht vorgeschrieben wo) Relay Node betreibt.

Ich sagte es schon zu Mad Max Fury Road - if that is getting feminism rammed down my throat, please gimme more.
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Fefes Blog. Wer schöne Verschwörungslinks für mich hat: ab an felix-bloginput (at)! Fragen? Antworten! Siehe auch: Alternativlos. Tue Aug 23 2016. [l] Wo geht bei Tor die Reise hin, jetzt, wo die ganzen Freiwilligen sich distanzieren? Hier kann man das ganz gut sehen.
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ach das macht doch alles keinen Spaß mehr... :(

"Wir bekommen DROHUNGEN und haben mittlerweile Angst das Büro zu verlassen. Früher war es so, dass auch meine Kinder uns im Büro besuchten. Heute trauen wir uns diese nicht mehr zu uns zu holen."
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Am Erschreckendsten finde ich daran, dass denen bei der Polizei welche sagen, dass sie ohne Adresse eines Beschuldigten keine Anzeige aufnehmen können. Zeigt, dass die Polizei bei Internetthemen immer noch erschreckend inkompetent ist.
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ok, this should be pressing all of my buttons:
- story game
- free form magic
- tangible and possibly even shiny props

But somehow there is no spark. The price tag is of course hefty, but considering the amount of stuff one gets this is probably justified.

No, my problem is more that I am missing the concise elevator pitch: This is what this game is about and why you should want to play it. Instead we get a long laundry list of vague promises "for adults", "magicky magic", "darkness", "deep".

Again, sort of pushing my buttons, but way too vague.

Let's compare this to Fall of Magic, another "artsy" freeform prop-heavy RPG that I actually backed on Kickstarter:

"Fall of Magic is a game of collaborative storytelling where we play a group of travelers in the company of the Magus. The game follows a literary tradition of the fantasy journey where the character’s relationships, transformations, and experiences take center stage.

The game features an elegant rule set and stunning presentation including a canvas scroll which unrolls as we travel, revealing perilous roads, strange hosts, and fantastic locales. The scroll is over 5’ (1.5m) in length and is masterfully illustrated by award-winning artist Doug Keith."

Two paragraphs that tell me exactly what I can expect to get, how I'll be playing the game, and what it is about. And having played it a few times by now, I can confirm that I got exactly the experience that I pictured after reading those two paragraphs.

For Invisible Sun, you'll have to actually dig through a wall of text and after that, I still wasn't sure how this thing is being played. Yes, there is a playthrough video, but to me, at least the first few minutes looked exactly like any other RPG.

I'm still kinda intrigued, but I guess I'll pass this one.
Wife's gone to bed but I can't sleep on this damn boat so instead I'm amusing myself reading about all the people complaining about this Kickstarter as it chugs its way to first-day funding.
The new RPG from Monte Cook. A game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table--and away from it.
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The moast readable death metal band logo anyway.
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There's this #firstsevenjobs hashtag going around. And I thought, heck, why not?

Packer/salesperson in a DIY shop
aspiring judicial officer
leisuretime-assistant in an elderly home
Researching worldwide monthly asphalt consumption
End user training on MS Office and stuff

(I'm actually at my 10th job right now. Already twice the amount than my father ever had in his whole life, even counting his mandatory navy fun time...)
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TIL there is a Wrestling RPG. So tempted...
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this is an 'pocalypse world system, so I guess more like "if you have a chair, take one forward!"
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"[ZWEIHÄNDER will be released] under the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. You will be free to copy, share, and remix the text within the book under the following conditions:

- you do so only for noncommercial purposes;
- you attribute Grim & Perilous Studios;
- you license any derivatives under the same license."

Hey gang,Congratulations! You unlocked the final Stretch Goal for ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG! This means we're releasing the work under the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. You will be free to copy, share, and remix the text within the book under the following conditions: you do so only for noncommercial purposes; you attribute Grim & Perilous Studios; you license any derivatives under the same l...
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yeah, I think I'm against that.

(random chinglish on a pressure cooker box)
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who to vote for this year... who to vote...

..oh, didn't realize Bauhaus was an option!
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Die Zeichen waren ja schon da ... die Dark Symmetry ist näher als ich dachte!
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So... for the next Nowhere I'll attend, I'll have my very own geodesic hub to live in.

Just need 65 sticks and maybe some cloth to cover it with....

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A new type of scout tent?
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Echte Wiener Schnitzel bei denen man den Tellerrand nicht mehr sieht. Was will man mehr? (Oh ja: Freundliche Bedienung, ansonsten leckere Dinge, angenehmes Ambiente - alles vorhanden!)
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Hier gibt es Mittagstisch in lecker und für faires Geld - immer weniger als 7 Euro für Suppe, Hauptmahlzeit & Dessert. Stets auch immer mindestens eine vegetarische Option die geschmacklich auch absolut gleichwertig zu den fleischhaltigen Varianten ist. Einzig der mitunter (baulich bedingte) hohe Geräuschpegel im Laden hält mich davon ab, permanenter Stammgast zu sein.
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Ein Freund sagt, hier gäbe es die beste Pizza in Hamburg. Ich habe noch nicht alle Angebote in der Stadt durchprobiert, aber er könnte recht haben. Netter schneller Service, klasse Pizza.
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Die Kuchen und Torten sind ja legendär, aber auch das Frühstück ist seinen (fairen) Preis wert. Die leicht plüschige Ausstattung tut dann ihren Teil - man fühlt sich h wohl hier.
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