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While I don't particularly like the article headline image (it's about context folks! Don't use a stock photo that basically consists of "let's only show the leggy parts of the women but the whole concerned looking man"!) , the article (from Esquire no less) itself is great.


a) Because it talks to men as if they aren't all potential creeps (if you want someone to listen to you, don't make them feel accused right from the start)

b) this is useful actual advice on how to deal with situations. It gives you a set of tools that you can (and should) actively use when you encounter something bad in the workplace.

c) it's not playing the blame or victim game. It's just useful advice on how to deal with (not just) workplace issues.

d) the advice given includes information on how to give the victim the feeling of control back that harassers so love to steal. That is important.

Don't just proclaim to be a decent person. Act like one. Most of the people I know don't really need a bullet point list on the how-to, but anyway, spread the knowledge.

(The related-articles section then mentions "57 things you need to stop doing to women" I'm not linking to that, because a) and because I like to think that my audience consists of people who're not assholes anyway.)

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Listen to Maik
So I read yesterday and I thought, you know guys, removing toxic people from teams is important and maybe in the end that's what happened here, but you're glossing over a lot of management failures along the way. Also shitty misleading headline.

Turns out I don't need to write a long response though, because today did that beautifully.

Managers: Be less awful. Engineers: Speak up early, often, relentlessly when things are clearly not going well.

This, right here:

"Rick closed his door. His whiteboard lay fallow. Rick no longer had time to train anyone because he had too much to solve on his own."

THIS. Someone missed this. Someone whose job was to notice. Firing Rick was maybe necessary once things had devolved to this degree, but that idiot? The person who didn't notice or fix this? Needs to be fired a hundred times as much. (Or retrained, or reassigned to a track without people management responsibilities, or whatever.)

Go pick the movie theatre with the best available sound system in your area and watch Blade Runner 2049. It is entirely worth it.

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Tiny sunday goat

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Einmal Verbalsadismus für Tierheilkunde bitte..

I'm pretty disappointed that there is no Python IDE called Flute.

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oh, Waterworld, now with more sharks.

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Alas, so far no one in the office knows the pleasures I get from my new cufflinks...

In der Firmenküche liegt Lebkuchen aus.

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Jodorowsky's Dune is one of the movies that I kinda wished that happens. Today I learnt that I also probably want to have seen John Boorman's The Lord of the Rings. Yes that is Excalibur & Zardoz John Boorman.

And yes, the link to the script is at the end of that article.
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