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Grinch is green - so am I!
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Merlin has to share the #skullblanket with Hop Sing today.
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Every part of that is wonderful.
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Merlin is awake. #skullblanket
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That can be arranged. 
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"The ISIS opsec manual that @WIRED wrote about last week is really a manual for journalists and activists from 2014:"
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Unbelievable. I am stunned by the level of journalistic incompetence. 
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Biscuits 2.0
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Rechtwinkligkeit, Geradheit und Ebenheit sehen auf dem Bild ein wenig grenzwertig aus. Du solttest die sicherhetshalber mal hier zum vermessen vorbei schicken. 
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I probably should've thought of this earlier.

Well, seeing the awakening force 6 days after the premiere is early enough I guess. Not perfekt seats, but sort-of acceptable ones. (damn, those tickets were going fast.)
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The force will awaken til january, no time for a hurry.
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So, old enemy, we meet again...
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I have become older, harder and even more dangerous. Call me the Harshmallow (Reveals new costume)
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I've started reading the Budayeen books by George Effinger.

Here I thought I was done with cyberpunk, and now I read about the algerian hard-boiled small-fry criminal living in the arabic/islamic part of the 23rd century. And love it.

Highly recommended!
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Yes, most excellent.
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+Karen Reilly wants to learn better german. This should be helpful.
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It takes a few....
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Smoothies, bulletproof coffee,knitting and looking up mason jars on Amazon - yep, we've gone full hipster, no denying it.
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once identified and fixed a driver problem at first try - on a Chinese language Windows 95 workstation without understanding more than “ni hao” or having to ask the locals for translation.
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    Medieninformatik, 1997 - 2000
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    Rechtspflege, 1993 - 1995
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