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Christian Bernieri
Marito, papà, biker.
Marito, papà, biker.


Hi, I'm experiencing a brand new error.
Everything worked fine for me except this error. it appeared without any chance in server o systems:

When making a STATEMENT OF INVOICE and sending it via email i get this error:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 16 bytes) in  SERVER.../library/pdf/value.color.php on line 11

Any idea?

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Something strange in reports: the negative number are handled in a strange way. The second line is obviously wrong, but I don't understand haw to fix this.
The reports are quite difficult tu use if the sums are wrong.

(hope to see the next SI soon... i can't beta test but need the new version. that's why I'm a sponsor)

Looking forward to install the new SI 2013 edition. 

Meanwhile, I have a problem with REPORTS:

there are 4 major reports used to check the owning sums .

Debtors by amount owed  
Debtors by Aging periods  
Total Owed per Customer  
Total by Aging periods

They give me all different TOTAL OWNED or TOTAL OWNING sums.
I have tryed to make some tests adding Fake invoice, draft, orders etc but my test rises all the totals without differences.
I can't understand what the TOTAL OWNED are considering and what why there are differences...

thk for help.
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