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Dear fellow citizens of the Kingdom of Sweden,

We have exactly the same problem as the Americans, except that we can generally read (and almost speak) their language. To be a politician is a career opportunity and people can spend decades (if not centuries) in, e.g, our national Parliament without ever demonstrating any particular skills or general aptitude for the mission, but with wages and benefits far beyond most other citizens'. Unfortunately there is no "Article 5, second option" in our constitution, meaning that there is hardly any feasible way to amend this legal shortcoming. This petition is intended (only) for people with voting rights in US elections, but we may wish them all well, Good Luck and hope for the very best!
With each passing year in Congress, a politician becomes more powerful, more corrupt, and more disconnected... We need a safety net that assures that NO politician stays too long and becomes too powerful..
The only way Congress will represent the people is when Congress is no longer a career!
With the second option of Article 5, we can impose term limits on Congress and there's nothing they can do to stop us!
Get involved! Sign the petition on the website! Volunteer to help!
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Resharing via +Kim Nilsson
Isn't it great how studies that do not give the desired results get "misplaced"? Makes me wonder how many more such studies there are.

> The 300-page study was delivered to the Commission in May 2015, but was never published. Until today – I have managed to get access to a copy: Estimating displacement rates of copyrighted content in the EU

The study’s conclusion: With the exception of recently released blockbusters, there is no evidence to support the idea that online copyright infringement displaces sales. <

Thanks +Julia Reda
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This was completely ignored by the U.S. Mainstream news media.

"Writing about Russia as alternative media can be a surreal experience.

How is it possible that the leading story across Russian mainstream media about an attempt by 'American secret services' to capture 29 Russian military police, which led to a fierce 7 hour long battle, involving, it now turns out, a Russian submarine firing cruise missiles, goes completely unreported in the western media?

The effort turned into a rout of the Islamic militants, and their American handlers, with devastating losses.

We have been writing about this since we broke the story on Wednesday evening. If you missed them, here are our reports:
Wednesday: ‘US Secret Services' Tried to Nab 29 Russian Troops in Syria ... and Got Their Butts Kicked - Russian Military (38,000 views)

Friday: Sources Confirm Our Scoop - a Huge Russian Victory Over ‘US Secret Services’ in Syria (11,000 views)

Saturday: Russian General Staff to US: 'You're Only Pretending to Fight ISIS - Get Out of Our Way' (5300 views)

Saturday: 'Areas With US Special Forces' Are Source of Attacks in Syria - Russian TV (3800 views)

Videos about this on our Youtube channel have gotten over 200,000 views.

The number of views indicate that plenty of people are paying attention.

As these reports show the Russian media, and the Russian defense ministry have been loudly and angrily accusing 'The Americans, US special forces, US secret services' etc., of, effectively, being engaged in combat with them. That strikes us as eminently newsworthy.

Here are two more recent Russian TV reports, from the main evening news watched by the whole country, about the battle - again the Russians speak of 'provocation of US special forces' and angry 'warnings' to 'America' from the Russian military that they will 'decisively' counter-attack against them, as they did this time.

In this first video there are scenes of the Russians under fire tending to a severely wounded Syrian, interviews with Russian soldiers who were in the battle, saying it was a 'miracle' that there were no Russian casualties, footage of Russian trucks riddled with bullets and a gaping hole where a missile hit it. The journalist uses the phrase: 'peppered with lead'.

There are interviews with Russian special forces (faces hidden), describing the battle. (We did not have time to create the transcript on this video as we usually do)

And here is another TV news report from yesterday evening detailing how Russian submarines were involved in the battle, firing cruise missiles from 300 kilometers away which destroyed a number of base camps, weapons caches, equipment, and support infrastructure.

One question comes to mind - if it was a 'miracle' that the Russians lost no men, what would have happened if they had lost many men?

How would they have responded if their MPs had been captured, as planned, by, as they say, 'US Secret Services'?

How close did the world come to a major escalation in the Middle East last week"

We wonder when the mainstream media will address this.?
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En mycket tung men viktig text. Läs!

..."Men jag måste hitta ny kraft för annars accepterar jag att alla människor inte har samma värde. Jag vet att det som händer varken är mitt eller hans fel. Jag kommer med hjälp av mina nära och kära fortsätta slåss för att få tillbaka min son som den oförstörda fantastiska underbara människa han egentligen är."...
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This is a situation which needs to be watched closely!

"US-Russia clash in Syria following Al-Qaeda assault on Russian military police
Russian Special Forces repel US planned attack in Syria, denounce USA, and issue a stark warning

This article, republished with the author’s permission, was first published by The Saker

Something rather unprecedented just happened in Syria: US backed “good terrorist” forces attempted a surprise attack against Syrian government forces stationed to the north and northeast of the city of Hama.

What makes this attack unique is that it took place inside a so-called “de-escalation zone” and that it appears that one of the key goals of the attack was to encircle in a pincer-movement and subsequently capture a platoon of Russian military police officers deployed to monitor and enforce the special status of this zone.

The Russian military police forces, composed mainly of soldiers from the Caucasus region, fought against a much larger enemy force and had to call for assistance. For the first time, at least officially, Russian special operations forces were deployed to rescue and extract their comrades.

At the same time, the Russians sent in a number of close air support aircraft who reportedly killed several hundred “good” terrorists and beat back the attack (Russian sources speak of the destruction of 850 fighters, 11 tanks, three infantry fighting vehicles, 46 armed pickup trucks, five mortars, 20 freighter trucks and 38 ammo supply points; you can see photos of the destroyed personnel and equipment here).

What also makes this event unique is the official reaction of the Russians to this event.

Head of the Main Operations Department at Russia’s General Staff Colonel General Sergei Rudskoi declared that:

“Despite agreements signed in Astana on September 15, gunmen of Jabhat al-Nusra and joining them units that don’t want to comply with the cessation of hostilities terms, launched a large-scale offensive against positions of government troops north and northeast of Hama in Idlib de-escalation zone from 8 am on September 19 (…) According to available data, the offensive was initiated by American intelligence services to stop a successful advance of government troops east of Deir ez-Zor“.

(bold italics added)

Today, other Russian officials have added a not-so-veiled threat to this accusation. The Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov has declared that:

Russia unequivocally told the commanders of US forces in Al Udeid Airbase (Qatar) that it will not tolerate any shelling from the areas where the SDF are stationed (…) Fire from positions in regions [controlled by the SDF] will be suppressed by all means necessary.

(bold italics added)

This is unprecedented on many levels.

First, the Russians clearly believe that this attempt to kill or capture a platoon of the Russian military police was planned by the United States. The fact that they are making this accusation officially shows the degree of irritation felt by the Russians about the duplicity of the Americans.

Second, this is the first time, at least to my knowledge, that Russian Spetsnaz forces had to be sent in to rescue a surrounded Russian subunit. All Spetsnaz operators survived, but three of them were wounded in the operation (the Russians are not saying how badly). The close air support by very low flying SU-25 aircraft was obviously coordinated by Spetsnaz forward air controllers and probably saved the day.

In other words, this was a close call and things could have ended much more badly (just imagine what the Takfiri crazies would have done, on video, to any captured Russian serviceman!).

Finally, a US-organized attack on what was supposed to be a “de-confliction” zone combined with an attempt to capture Russian soldiers raises the bar for American duplicity to a totally new level.

The big question now is “do the Russians mean it?” or are they just whining with real determination to hit back if needed.

There are a couple of problems here. First, objectively, the Russian contingent in Syria is a tiny one if compared to the immense power of CENTCOM, NATO and the ever-present Israelis. Not only that, but in any US-Russian confrontation, Russia as a country is objectively the weaker side by any measure except a full-out nuclear exchange. So the Russians are not in a position of force. Furthermore, for historical and cultural reasons, Russians are much more concerned by the initiation of any incident which could lead to all-out war than the Americans who always fight their wars in somebody else’s country. This might seem paradoxical, but the Russians fear war but they are ready for it. In contrast to the Russians, the Americans don’t fear war, but neither are they ready for it. In practical terms this means that an American miscalculation could very well lead to a Russian military response which would stun the Americans and force them to enter an escalatory spiral which nobody would control.

Remember how Hillary promised that she would unilaterally impose a so-called “no-fly” zone over Syria? She promised not only to deploy US aircraft above Russian forces in Syria, but she also promised that she would force the Russian Aerospace forces out of the Syrian skies. Thank God, this crazy witch was not elected, but it appears that folks with the same arrogant and,frankly, completely irresponsible point of view are now back in power under Trump.

My fear now is that the incompetent, arrogant, not too bright and generally ignorant commanders at the Pentagon and the CIA will simply ignore clear warning signs coming from the Russians, including the public announcement that the Kremlin has given the authority to use force to protect Russian personnel to the local Russian commanders in Syria. In plain English, this means that if they are attacked the Russians in Syria do not need to consult with Moscow before using force to protect themselves. By the way, such rules of engagement are pretty common, there is nothing earth shattering here, but the fact that they were made public is, again, a message to the AngloZionist and the “good” terrorist they use to try to conquer Syria.

This time around we (the world) were lucky. The Syrians fought hard and the “good” terrorists were probably surprised by the ruthless determination of the Russian military police forces (in reality, mostly Chechen special forces) and of the Spetsnaz operators. It is one thing to fight Syrian conscripts, quite another to deal with these hardened warriors. But the next time around the outcome could be different.

The bigger picture is also one which gives me a great deal of concern. The Syrians, with Iranian, Hezbollah and Russian help, have freed Deir ez-Zor and have crossed the Euphrates river and are moving further East. In plain English this means that the US and Daesh have lost the war and that the last region of Syrian from which the AngloZionists can hope to partition the country (their current “plan B”) and establish a permanent US military presence is now threatened by the Syrian advance.

The distance between the US forces currently deployed in northeastern Syria and Syrian, Iranian, Hezbollah and Russian forces is becoming shorter and shorter each day. I can just imagine how, say, Iranian or Hezbollah forces which are already “smelling” the nearby presence of US forces are drooling with hunger for the moment they will finally be able to get their hands on their old and most hated foe. I feel sincerely sorry for the first US unit to make contact with the Iranians or Hezbollah forces.

Right now the Americans are hiding behind the Kurds, but sooner or later the Iranians or Hezbollah will find them. As for the Kurds, their situation in Syria is precarious, to put it mildly: they are surrounded on all sides by the Turks, the Syrians and the Iranians and their only more or less stable zone of control is in Iraq. The Americans understand that perfectly, hence their desperate attempts to stop the Syrians.

This is a very dangerous situation: even though CENTCOM and NATO are by far the “biggest guys on the block”, in Syria the Americans are cornered, their corner is shrinking fast and it remains entirely unclear how this process can be stopped. Hence the attack on the de-confliction zone we just witnessed.

I hope that eventually the Americans will do what they did in al-Taif and simply pack, declare victory and leave. That would be the only rational thing to do. But after listening to Trump at the UN I don’t get the feeling that being rational is at the top of the US priority list. That’s all rather frightening."
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"”Sverige har ett av världens mest rättssäkra system”, sa du i riksdagen, Heléne. Och: ”Den som söker asyl i vårt land får en rättssäker prövning.”
Men har du läst rapporten? Har du hört historierna?
Och såg du debattartikeln av Fredrik Tamsen, rättsläkare vid Rättsmedicinalverket, i senaste Läkartidningen? Den som bland annat Dagens Nyheter sedan följde upp?
Tamsen ifrågasätter vetenskapligheten i den metod för åldersuppskrivningar som Migrationsverket stödjer sig på –och han är inte precis den första i raden som formulerar sådan kritik.
Hur många gånger ska det behöva sägas?"
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En grundläggande princip i vårt samhälle måste vara att vuxna och friska människor tar ansvar för sina egna liv och sin egen försörjning och dessutom, i den mån de förmår, bidrar till vårt gemensamma. I akuta situationer – som vi alla kan hamna i någon gång i vårt liv, oavsett om vi är flyktingar eller inte – ska vi kunna lita på att samhället hjälper oss. För att samhället ska kunna hjälpa oss när vi av olika anledningar inte kan klara oss själva måste samhället hushålla med sina resurser. Att köpa bostadsrätter i Saltsjöbaden åt bostadslösa är inte att hushålla med statens pengar. Vi måste börja behandla alla vuxna människor som de självständiga och ansvariga subjekt de faktiskt är.
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"Sverige och världen håller på att avhumaniseras. Det har skett under så många år och det går så långsamt att vi inte märker det. Vi trodde inte att en del saker som vi ser och hör i dag skulle vara möjliga för några år sedan. Det är den lömska, minimala förflyttningen under lång tid som gör att vi nu står här, utan att vi knappt reflekterar över det."
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