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Christer Solskogen
Bitter geek.
Bitter geek.

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alt er nytt i dag!

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A Decade of OS Access-control Extensibility

Open source security foundations for mobile and embedded devices

"To discuss operating system security is to marvel at the diversity of deployed access-control models: Unix and Windows NT multiuser security; Type Enforcement in SELinux; anti-malware products; app sandboxing in Apple OS X, Apple iOS, and Google Android; and application-facing systems such as Capsicum in FreeBSD. This diversity is the result of a stunning transition from the narrow 1990s Unix and NT status quo to security localization—the adaptation of operating-system security models to site-local or product-specific requirements."

Je eller jådd?

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Nope. ZFS har fortsatt ingenting å gjøre på Linux. (da snakker altså både om ZFS-FUSE og zfs-native) - makan til trege greier!

7 saker i g+ feeden min om hvorfor g+ angivelig skal være så mye bedre enn facebook. Og det er bare i dag. Gah, g+ føles bare mer og mer bortkastet.

Også har jeg Google Drive

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