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Please reshare: #1GAM DEADLINE ANNOUNCEMENT. January games: none! Yay! February games: 96 hour grace period beginning Mar. 1st at midnight GMT-8. Good luck! You can do it! http://www.onegameamonth.com
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Wait, what? There is no deadline for the January game?
I don't think anyone is going to kick your butt for submitting late, it's all about your game. I look at it as guidelines rather than rules :-)
But it also can be interpreted as 12 games a year.  Which is a lot easier to do.  Different games, different production times for each.  Some might take a couple days... others a couple months.. but a total of 12 games made in a year.

Even the description of the G+ group makes it sound more open to that concept "Can you make 12 games in 12 months?"  I know the true spirit of the challenge is to complete a game each month though.

I thrive on deadlines, usually, but sometimes its just hard to keep the scope of a project within the allotted time.  And then you have to wonder if it's worth chopping out key features of the game for the sake of the deadline or blow past the deadline to make a better game.
We are hoping to finish today anyway, deadlines or not.  Fingers crossed!
I think the key point of all this is to finish your game. That's a lot easier if you constrain yourself to a deadline. Letting yourself extend a deadline is a dangerous game.

That said, one good way to create a larger game is to break it up into iterations. You still set yourself a deadline for each iteration and aim to have a releasable game at the end of each. The difference is that you can spend your next iteration working on the same game.
I've already finished February's game, but I'm trying to get it licensed. Hope it doesn't take all month!
+Craftwork Games that is a good suggestion.  We are going to make a playable prototype of one module of our next commercial release for February.
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