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At the end of my last campaign in 2006, I believed that in spite of my failure to win election, another victory was had. By making the operations of my campaign transparent, by demonstrating accountability by publishing the details of my days, and by including anyone who wished to help craft policy, I had demonstrated a new way of campaigning. A way to utilize advanced communications to enrich and enlighten the democratic process. Yet although th...
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Any commentary? Or just posting for the sake of posting?
what commentary would you like? I think Pete is good choice for US Senate
I was more just hoping to hear why Christer posted the speech. Good speech? Good candidate? Something in particular he said? Just wanted clarification as to why.
If the GOP doesn't put up a good alternative to Hatch in the primary or at convention, I'm definitely voting for Pete despite his (IMO) crazy views on healthcare.
<sarcasm>I am telling Glen Beck you said that</sarcasm>
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