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Christel Quek

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It is an incredible privilege to be approached by Twitter for this role as part of the new team based in Singapore, at a period of massive growth and exciting opportunity for the company. I am leading content development, marketing and strategy as the Regional Content Lead for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa,
2013 has been a momentous year of great transformation for me. I parted ways with the Havas family which has grown very dear to me, and took on a new role as the Regional Social Business Lead for Samsung Asia. My time with Havas has been great, and I will always be immensely appreciative of the ...
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I love your post. 
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Christel Quek

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My latest blog post- a long overdue one from my sharing at Next Bank in Hong Kong, where I spoke about the Asian Consumer. Some key takeaways: There isn't an "Asian Strategy" as much as there can't be a "European Strategy". You want to invest in a long-term, meaningful relationship and build brand advocacy- and such engagements are not sprints. They are marathons. it’s time to move from Hardware to Heartware. Don’t just invest in Asia, invest in Asians. Lastly, don’t just design a social strategy- design a user strategy.

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nextbank. A long overdue post, but I spoke at Next Bank (Hong Kong) in April this year on The Asian Consumer. As a few of you might probably know, I've been a long-time supporter of the Next Bank movement and part of the Next Bank community since its inauguration in 2011.
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Christel Quek

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Woohoo! #samsung   #UNPACKED  
4 days to #UNPACKED . Join us live on YouTube on Sept 4 at 19:00 CEST or 18:00 BST.
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Christel Quek

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Social TV is going to get bigger- and here's why.

But, there is a sweet spot if you want to craft a brand experience that extends beyond a 30-second ad spot — this sweet spot sits between interest-based content and social graph connections.

Advertising and content must be relevant in order to resonate for reach. Now, successful advertising emerges when ads extend from one screen, the television, to another screen, the mobile phone or computer. This creates a consistent, holistic experience and enables easy sharing if the content is compelling.

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Design a Holistic Brand Experience. A holistic brand experience, which puts the consumer at the heart of the strategy, is simply about embracing consistency. Consistency is more important than ever before when captivating an audience that has diminishing attention spans.
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Christel Quek

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Father Of The year
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Christel Quek

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Great work Tanvi. Love your passion and energy. Congratulations!

Christel Quek

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Here's the keynote I did for Econsultancy 's Digital Outlook 2014 for Trends in Content & Social for 2014.

2014 Trends for Content: 
- Social Intelligence Center(s) 
- From Publisher to Activator 
- From Ego Analytics to Business Metrics 

2014 Trends for Context: 
- Battle of the Feeds 
- Micro Social, Macro Possibilities 
- Behaviour > Demographics 

2014 Trends for Advocacy: 
- Passion Points for C.I.A (Celebrities, Influencers, Advocates) 
- It's not Real if it's not Relevant 
- Intersection of User Graphs

#digital   #2014trends   #2014digital   #digitaltrends   #digitaloutlook   #marketing  
2014 Trends: Content & Social Keynote Digital Outlook 2014 by Econsultancy ! “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Christel Quek @ladyxtel #DigitalOu
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Christel Quek

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Creativity in an Age of Digital Disruption- my latest upload on Slideshare. Covering topics such as [big?] data analysis and application to digital strategy, prototyping and iteration in strategy and execution, influencer vs advocacy engagement, VIP markets discussion (Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines: it's not just about investing in Asia, it's about investing in Asians), the collision of "graphs" - personal, behaviour, interest, and social, fuelling the quantified self movement, and finally, the manifesto on designing heartware for hardware  

#slideshare   #socialmedia   #content   #quantifiedself  #brands #advocacy
Reformatted for Slideshare Creativity in An Age of Digital Disruption: - Understanding the Battleground: Defining the age of digital disruption, the momentum be
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Thanks Sean!! :)
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Christel Quek

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Woohoo for #Chromecast  !
Simple way to cast all browser tabs to Chromecast:

Sorry if this was already obvious or has already been brought up on here. But I was able to share all tabs of my browser to Chromecast doing the following:

1) From desktop computer, open Chrome browser and start a Hangout.
2) Copy the URL of the Hangout that you created
3) Kill the Hangout window and then paste the URL you copied into one of the browser tabs (this step is needed because the original Hangout window will not display the Chromecast extension)
5) Cast the tab you are currently in to Chromecast, using the Chromecast extension
6) Within the Hangout, click on the window that is currently displaying video of yourself so that you are maximized in the Hangout
7) Click the "Screenshare" button in left side menu of  the Hangout
8) Immediately after your screen starts sharing go to any other tab in the browser (this is needed to prevent a mirror effect that will crash your browser)

At this point, you are free to use any tab (except the one running the Hangout) and they will all get displayed (not simultaneously) on the monitor your Chromecast is plugged into.

Note: I used a Chromebook to do this and things were very laggy, so I recommend using a pretty high powered machine. Edit: Confirmed it runs smoothly on my Macbook Pro.

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Christel Quek

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One of the best pieces I've read about Ballmer's exit. Weaving in the innovator’s dilemma; "the classic story of technological disruption is too often told as a morality tale" , and how it is seen as a problem when one "gets it too much".

#microsoft   #ballmer   #innovation  #technology
Outgoing Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has been attacked in the press for years, but much of the prevailing opinion about him bears no relation to his track record, or his prescience.
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Christel Quek

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Brand Storytelling with Good Content, Not Ads +Contently 
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Christel Quek

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For those that love using the tools produced by Nik Software (now Nik Collection by Google) have you ever wondered why it was called Nik Software?  Its because of this guy, +Nils Kokemohr.  The "Ni" from Nils the "k" from Kokemohr and viola "Nik".  

Nils started off creating plugins for Photoshop and eventually his fledgling company became Nik Software.  A significant portion (if not all) of the great stuff that Nik Software has made over the years has been touched in some way by Nils.  Nils can talk algorithms with the engineers and can also tell you exactly how to tweak a particular tone curve to make a filter look just right.
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Vice President at Brandwatch, the world's leading social intelligence product. Previously Head of Content at Twitter. I prefer my fruits fermented, my champagne dry, my humour self-deprecating, my steaks medium-rare, my soups Cantonese, my newspapers British, and my airline Singaporean.

Digital native who loves great thinking and strategy. Currently leading content development, marketing and strategy as the Regional Content Lead for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa at Twitter.

What drives me is my deep interest in the momentum of human behaviour across technology. Previously, I led Social Business for Samsung Asia, covering social business, CRM, marketing, analytics, & advocacy.

At Havas Media Group, I've had the privilege of working on digital strategy, marketing and content strategy for DBS Bank, Intel, Toshiba, Globe Telecom, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Unilever, and KLM Airlines. 

I'm an avid student of leadership, and a constant thirst for learning helps keep me on my toes in this ever-evolving digital landscape. I enjoy giving back to the community- by mentoring startups at Singapore Startup Women Weekend, and working with Google & The Athena Network Singapore & Asia-Pacific to conduct digital training for the pilot "Women Entrepreneurs on the Web" program in Singapore.

Writes at Huffington Post: , Harvard Business Review: and on my site:

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