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Mushrooms Are the Safest Drug You Can Take

According to new research from the Global Drug Survey, there’s one drug far safer than any other. That drug may surprise you.Safer, even, than smoking weed, it turns out psychedelic mushrooms are the safest recreational drug you can take. The survey, of…

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Shocking: Harvard Scientists Warn - "Do Not Drink THIS Type of Milk"

For many Americans, the dairy drink of choice is skim milk.But should it be? We’re here with six secrets about skim milk that you need to know. 1. Skim milk starts as a chalky, watery, blueish liquid. (No, really.) Before selling it, though, producers add…

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Use These 1-Ingredient Pleasant Smelling Oils To Get Rid Of Every Pest In The House!!

For many of us, when spring arrives is when we first realize just how many pests have made our home their home over the long winter. Fortunately, we’re here with a few super simple remedies that can help – and that, as a bonus, will help your place smell…

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Scientists Discover That Fasting Triggers Stem Cell Regeneration & Fights Cancer

Cell Stem Cell published a study that found fasting can protect your immunity from damage, and trigger regeneration of the immune system, activating stem cells to renew themselves. In a phase 1 human clinical trial involving chemo patients and mice, long…

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Cancer in a Can: The Gruesome Truth of How Pringles are Really Made

As a child, they were a luxury snack. Even today, I admit a weakness for the cans of stacked chips, the ever ubiquitous Pringles. But do you know how they’re made? First, consider this: Pringles once argued – to try and avoid a tax on chips in the United…

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The Popular Medication that Causes More Liver Failures than All Other Medicines Combined

Every year, thousands of Americans suffer liver failure – and more of them come from one medication than all other medications combined. That medication? Acetaminophen. In fact, each year acetaminophen (also known as Tylenol) sends more than 50,000 people…

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12 Reasons to Never Ever Microwave Your Food Again

How often do you zap or nuke your food in the microwave? If you’re like most Americans, astonishingly often – and you may be doing so wholly unaware of the consequences. While microwaves are certainly a marvel of modern convenience, with them comes a…

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This Crystal Clear Solar Cell Could Turn Every Window into a Power Source

Among the many different ways to harness solar power, luminescent solar concentrators (LSC) may be one of our favorites – and now researchers are using that technology to design clear solar cells that could also work as windows. Historically, LSCs have…

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Victory! Mexican Supreme Court Refuses to Review Monsanto Appeal on GMO Maize Permits

In a tremendous victory for activists everywhere, the Mexican Supreme Court has refused to review an appeal filed by Monsanto regarding GMO maize.As a result, the case will be heard and decided by the First Collegiate Court on Civil Matters. The case…

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This One Plant Kills Cancer, Stops Diabetes and More!

Have you ever heard of Goya? It is actually a bitter melon that sometimes is referred to as karela, balsam pear or bitter gourd. In some countries it has been long used for its health benefits. Goya is a quite healthy melon, but it is not people’s…
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