Who would you like to hear giving a short speech? What would you like to know about or hear from them?

Starting on Saturday, June 9th at 6pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific time, I will host the first Speech Club!

I will invite special guests to speak for 4-7 minutes on either: (1) a topic they choose, perhaps an icebreaker about themselves or a brief lesson on a subject they enjoy or (2) answering a question from me that would be chosen by the speaker well in advance.

The speakers will also have the chance to invite friends or have members of the audience join the Hangout to participate in the next segment:
following each speech and, again, depending upon the preference of the
speaker, we would either have: (1) discussion, (2) additional questions (the speaker would choose: screened or spontaneous from those in the room), or (3) an evaluation.

(We might do some -1st and 0th episodes on Saturdays leading up to the event to test On Air and the concept, so keep your eyes open!)

Without further ado, who would you nominate to be the first speaker? Please limit one name per comment (comment as many times as you like) and +1 the names of those you already see. Speakers, feel free to comment or email. I will contact speakers individually when a show is coming that would fit them!

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