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Who would you like to hear giving a short speech? What would you like to know about or hear from them?

Starting on Saturday, June 9th at 6pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific time, I will host the first Speech Club!

I will invite special guests to speak for 4-7 minutes on either: (1) a topic they choose, perhaps an icebreaker about themselves or a brief lesson on a subject they enjoy or (2) answering a question from me that would be chosen by the speaker well in advance.

The speakers will also have the chance to invite friends or have members of the audience join the Hangout to participate in the next segment:
following each speech and, again, depending upon the preference of the
speaker, we would either have: (1) discussion, (2) additional questions (the speaker would choose: screened or spontaneous from those in the room), or (3) an evaluation.

(We might do some -1st and 0th episodes on Saturdays leading up to the event to test On Air and the concept, so keep your eyes open!)

Without further ado, who would you nominate to be the first speaker? Please limit one name per comment (comment as many times as you like) and +1 the names of those you already see. Speakers, feel free to comment or email. I will contact speakers individually when a show is coming that would fit them!

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iwould like to hear barrack obama making a resignation speech
oh - I have loads of people in mind for this! Maybe better to send you a Circle.
Ideally we would want people who are on Google+ so that they can join the Hangout on Air from their computer. If you can plus mention your favorites here, that will also help to inform them of what they can expect. If you have been mentioned and would oblige your devotees, let me know!
Aw, thanks for thinking of me +Daria Musk! Oh man, I want to see everyone give a short speech in a hangout! Can we nominate you too, +Christa Laser? Your speech could be about how awesome this idea is. :)
Oh! I want to see my physics buddy +Tu-Anh Tran share her research project live. ;) Or any other topic would be cool, too.
YAY! I'm actually an officer in one of our local Toastmasters clubs, so I'd be happy to participate! I love public speaking! Thanks for the nomination, +Daria Musk! It will be good prep for the day I get to do a TED talk. ;)
hey christa ... i wish that i could hav been theree....... but ..bad lucklkk
Thanks! I will put you all on the list and will try to get a rotation going that works with everyones' schedules! Because the time may change with experimentation, I won't contact everyone now to schedule, but rest assured that you are all on the list! I'll invite nominators in as audience if the speaker is up for it!
yeahh.. that's ok....i think u may busy in ur work all the times .. that's y could give time to ur plus friends....tht's fine ..
I de-nominate myself if +Alida Brandenburg doesn't speak before me. I am truly interested in what she would have to say given the opportunity :)
WHOO HOO! Two days before I start work!
And since I really want the first speakers to be people who are gung-ho, how about you speak on the 23rd, +Carter Gibson? 
Wow! That would be awesome! Bring it on :) ((turns wheels))
+Christa Laser & Alida Brandenburg i think they will do a great job
Lol now I feel a bit like a copy cat. I will be happy to participate. 
I certainly didn't invent the idea of a speech +Cliff Roth!  I can't wait to have you.  You free July 1st?  If not, I have other days free, we can talk.
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