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My husband recently launched his new skincare line! Yay!
I have been using his anti-acne anti-wrinkle combination cream for ages, so I am glad that these products are now available to everyone! He put a lot of care into these products, so I know that he would appreciate your support of his new company.

Thank you! Back to your scheduled programming.
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hey christa. its been aaaages. how are you :)
oh my god ok i dont understand why such a young person as your self would use that kind of cream
+vic stokes: It's actually really important to start treatment of wrinkles before they form. My mom is 65 and hardly has wrinkles, primarily because her dermatologist in Canada prescribed her a cream with similar ingredients that she has used since she was in her early 30s. P.S. I'm in my late 20s and have a lot of stress, which can contribute to skin aging, so I had started to notice a few lines starting to form maybe about two years ago.
ah well since you look like a model well i guess i cant say anything but i would not use it as ageing is something no one can escape
Sure, +Brandy Ellis. The base is cocoa butter, so it just smells like cocoa butter. It's kind of nutty smelling.
Most of that has to do with genes, actually -- but about 5% of our wrinkles can be fixed with a good cream :) So why not?

Just as long as you use a good 35+ SPF on your face everyday that will keep most of them at bay.
I'm going to share this so my friend +Samantha Gigstead will see it. She's into all this kind of stuff and likes to write about it in her beauty blog.
I agree that genes have a lot to do with wrinkles. However, people who use conventional acne treatments are especially susceptible because those treatments can dry your skin and cause oxidation-- that's why it's important to have a cream that not only controls acne but also helps with wrinkles and doesn't oxidize or dry the skin.
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