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Christ Biebuyck

Does anybody know if you can have (a kind of) Google Analytics on a Google Community?

Does somebody know what the maximum number of users is you can assign to the same phone number when enabling 2-step verification?
For our users in Ivory Coast, 2-step verification can't be enabled with a local phone number as Google currently doesn't accept the Ivory Coast country code. Therefore, we use existing numbers from other countries.
But in order to speed up the process, we use the same phone number for different users. Does somebody know what the limit is? 
FYI: There is a limit as we got an error message saying the limit was reached. :-)
Unfortunately, my colleagues didn't know any more how many times they had used the number already

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Is there anybody who can help to get this activated on domain level.
On my private account, it works, but I don't have it yet on my domain :-(

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Another large win for Google that even surprised G-workplace. HP ditches Microsoft and moves 50000 employees towards Google Apps in 50 days. Survey shows strong adoption and user satisfaction. Well that survey isnt a surprise, we know by experience that employees (after many years of outlook and horrible sharepoint implementations) are glad to move to Google.
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Misschien kunnen jullie me hier bij helpen:

Wanneer Ik een mail stuur naar 5 mensen zien die mensen alle namen in de distribution list staan bij to en cc.
Wanneer iemand dan bijvoorbeeld replied naar allen zal die distribution list verdwijnen en zal er komen te staan "On... Christ biebuyck wrote....".
Gevolg, wanneer er een nieuwe reply komt kan je niet langer zien naar wie de eerste reply allemaal gestuurd is omdat de distribution list niet langer zichtbaar is.

Hebben jullie hier een oplossing (of logische verklaring) voor?

Bij een forward blijft de distribution list wel staan.

Alvast bedankt. 
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