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Ming Thein and Robin Wong are two photobloggers I used to follow closely. It's interesting how things turn out for both of them and that apart from their own things they are writing together now on MT site.

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"This is not even my final form."

Moved the network stuffs and home server into a 15U cabinet, but haven't properly racked them yet:
- The app/file server need a new home in a 3-4U chassis
- Asus wireless router to be replaced by 1U pfSense unit.
- UPS is a tough decision. Leave it outside or replace with a rack-mounted version.

Done right, that should free up 3U for another ESXi server.

Remotely setup Plex server in FreeNAS jail:

1. Create jail
2.1 jail# pkg upgrade
2.2 jail# pkg install plexmediaserver-plexpass
2.3 jail# sysrc plexmediaserver_plexpass_enable=YES
2.4 jail# service -R
3. jail# adduser
4. jail# sysrc sshd_enable=YES
5. jail# service sshd start
6. Setup SSH Tunnel in Putty:
7. Connect to server through SSH tunnel

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CTO left and the recently RELEASE version is now marked as PREVIEW. Feels like I dodged a bullet by still staying on FreeNAS 9.10

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Damn, I missed this announcement last month. It was 1TB, then 100GB, and now nothing. Local Guide Level 4 benefit is now just: Be eligible to be featured on our official online channels: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

I just did a sprint to get to 165 points, but I've lost my motivation. :(

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Ming Thein joins Hasselblad as Chief of Strategy - Hasselblad has announced that commercial photographer and blogger Ming Thein has been appointed its Chief of Strategy. Thein is known for his popular blog, and is no stranger to Hasselblad as a former ambassador for the company. In addition to his photography chops, Thein brings a degree in Physics from Oxford and years of experience working in finance and private equity firms to Hasselblad. Plus, we think he's got some good ideas about how...

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This poor guy. :(

For the first time in a few years, I don't have a Nexus device. But the Android O preview sounds so underwhelming, so I don't feel a great loss.

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FreeNAS 10 released, and renamed FreeNAS Corral.

I'm going to need a new mobo and more RAM before upgrading. It doesn't look like 16GB will cut it for the base OS + Docker host VM + Win7 VM.

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Xeon D might be the way to go for my next project.
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