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Keep it locked next Tuesday, September 9th for the biggest Apple event in years, featuring the iPhone 6 and iWatch

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Remember that time I talked to the guy who invented the freaking cellphone for an hour?

God, I love my job.

Back on the Galaxy Nexus for now. No particular reason, just mixing things up. AT&T LTE, don't worry... I'll be back.

Product idea: a double-leash dog collar so two owners (a couple, for instance) can share in the experience of walking their singular dog.

Losing my mind over this Mulder/Scully news. Can't concentrate on work.

I'm sure it's entirely psychological, but drinking a large glass of V-8 every day is definitely making me feel healthier.

I am now drinking V-8 daily, because it seems like a healthy thing to do. Any tips on making it less gross?

The most fascinating side effect of GSIII's global uniformity is that exclusivity becomes a non-issue. USCC — which normally gets ancient hand-me-down equipment — had it at the same time as the big four. Ting has already put it up for pre-order.

Who do I have to kill to get my Google+ profile verified? Help a brother out.
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