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The brilliant philosophy of a 1st grader. via +reddit
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That first grader is smarter, kinder, and more accepting than some adults I know.
Pretty matured for 6 year old "adult". kid. Keep it up! You will be president one day!
tee jay
Every child sees the world this way its not Brilliance its called "Innocence"
Kim Yen
Wow its swo pwetty :D
That child really did learn everything s/he needed to know in kindergarten....
that's exactly what im talking about!! :D So sweet!
wao apik bangetttt...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >,<
good advice,anybody listening????
GRT 8PM THINK.............................. OK
too much to expect from a 1st grader
Why don't older people realise this when a first grader already has?
So it is and so they should - well done artist.
soooo true ! maybe my sister will believe me if i show this pic t her!!!
Ashlesha because GREED is too powerful and can not be contained
That is fair enough, but it's not an excuse for anyone. One's greed is their own problem.
Rubbish, that will never happen. He has all these bright phrases, he needs to get real, stupid kid!
.. and please do not talk on your cellphone while you are enjoying it.
Smart kid. MY husband and 6 year old watched some science show about proving dark matter. SHe said go outside at night and look up. THat proves dark matter.

its only possible when we change herself not others
all the countries talks about for the protection of environment but beyond the limits
Amazing how little kids can look at the world in ways adults cannot see :)
Pure philosopy from kid, i love it
Great picture! It would be nice if everyone thought like that.
yes every one should be QUIET & ENJOY IT
that's just what the teacher has repeated over and over so she can get a quick shot and a beer in during recess...
I love the "quiet" bit...what a wonderful scenario
sooooo true , the world would be better if people mind their own business!!!!!
how come the little kids have the right ideas about life and nobody else does?
give the kid a few years and it will realize that the world is really a shitty disgusting mess..........survival of the fittest and all that....
That's a much nicer way of saying, "Shut up and pay attention!"
this must be the smartest kid in the world
Beautiful message...simply put!
Children always have a different vision of an adult
We all are like this child, the problem is that sometimes we are blind, because greed pervades our hearts as we grow. But if we look carefully inside our hearts we can be amazed at the beauty within us all.
Better painting then what I painted in 1st grade
1st graders don't usually see how crappy the world is. Good for this one :)
They are innocent and always think positive.......
The world is beautiful, and so are people... until they're not. Let the haters hate. The rest of us should follow this sage advice.
well for me this is not realy great but he child tried well on it.
cool drawing! i love goes to show that a childs innocence is potrayed. :)
I Khan
smart kid
What a beautiful heart. I saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky this past Sunday. It is so relaxing to just lay back and look at the rainbow and wonder, where does it end.
They are all beautiful in they're own way, even more so to the parents/relatives of the budding artists. I have twin granddaughters, and their paintings should be hanging in the Tate Modern. 
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