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Chris Wray
I plays the games and the games get beaten.
I plays the games and the games get beaten.

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Chris Wray commented on a video on YouTube.
This isn't true to the Call of Duty experience. Where are all the skyscrapers being leveled, because y'know, Terrorism.
Terrorists don't give you the time to train now because you know, Americans never needs to be trained in games. They are the Apple Pie eating, arse kicking gods of war. Well, against inferior armed foes.

Of Orcs and Men review completed and up on Game Modo. After a poor start it really got into it and I genuinely think I would have been happy with it as a purchase, nevermind a review copy.

I'm considering just dropping all consoles. My playtime on consoles in the past month has been solely on one game, RAW, and that's only cause I was reviewing it yet my expenditure has still been rather high. I buy games that I think I'll play but never actually get around to playing and then as a result of other games I just never actually play them. This has happened with about 12 PS3 games in the past year D:


I so hate Apple.

Delivery courier Apple use also delivers for H&B and one of the guys was telling me today that Apple have forced them to hold back most of the delivery today so that Apple can say they've sold out on day one in the UK.
They're also under orders that tomorrow they need to get out and early tomorrow to give all the delivery to the stores at opening time for people.

Sure, it's simple business tactics but it damages the high street. Orange, T Mobile, etc - all those that have taken orders from customers will be letting them down all for Apple to increase marketability for something 3x more expensive than the competitor but the same specs.

Another complaint anout Northern Rail! Becoming a little too frequent now but delays strike again.
Up: Prices, Delays, Lies, Shareholder money. Down: Quality, Space, Satisfaction. NorthernRail - Pocket Rapists. All UK rail for that matter apart from Virgin, they actually seem to be able to do the job.

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Certainly true about Deadly Premonition and 3D Dot Game Heroes!

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