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National Geographic after its Rupert Murdoch/Fox News makeover…
Via @Neetflux
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Chris Worth

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Is God a faggot? 

We all know that God is the most powerful and famous homophobe since God invented himself. Most of us also suspect that virulent  homophobes are probably a bit gay, why else would they care so much? 
We also know that God created Man in his own image... kinky!
Woman seemed like an after thought to keep Adam busy after God had lost interest. After all, it's only so long you can stare at a cock!
I believe it was some time after this, when God had killed loads of people, that the angel Gabriel appeared. He had flaxen hair (possibly) ,wings as driven snow and the buttocks of a angry antelope. 
There must have been some fall out for which God has never forgiven him. Hell hath no fury like a trouser troupadore  scorned! 

In the picture below you will see God being a bit gay. When Michelangelo was asked why Man was naked but God was in a dress he replied, "That's just what he was into baby" .. but in Italian. 

*The views of me (and all that stuff I just wrote ) are not representative of the owner of this community or their affiliates* 
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Well nothing controversial here ☺ it is possible he was gay. In fact eve being an after thought may well prove you correct.
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Chris Worth

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On this day in 1953, the CIA launched a coup d'état against Muhammad Mossadegh, Iran's democratically elected leader.

Two years earlier Mossadegh had nationalised the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (now known as BP).

That caused the UK and the US to send MI6 and the CIA into Iran with the explicit orders to create a coup against Mossadegh, and to overthrow his government.

Several Iranian fascists and Nazi sympathizers played prominent roles in the coup regime. General Fazlollah Zahedi, who had been arrested and imprisoned by the British during World War II for his attempt to establish a pro-Nazi government, was made Prime Minister on 19 August 1953 in the post coup government.

The CIA gave Zahedi about $100,000 before the coup and an additional $5 million the day after the coup to help consolidate support for the coup.

After the coup was over Iran was turned into a dictatorship, which was ruled by the Shah (the Iranian king).

The Shah was nothing but a western puppet, whose sole role was to buy western arms and to supply the west with cheap oil, while persecuting anyone who dared to oppose his dictatorship.
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Chris Worth

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9/11 tear drop memorial given to the US by Russia.
Just shows what the US media is like - can't find a single reference to this from any of the major networks or newspapers. It's so unheard of people even think it's a hoax.
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+Despair Dev Whaa?
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Chris Worth

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Adults who wear baby grows - Psychological  treatment or death penalty? 
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+Richard Lucas 😞 erm I don't....
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Chris Worth

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Chris Worth

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No it doesn't! 
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