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The tall boom swinger
The tall boom swinger

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We have all wanted to do it.

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Iceland a year ago today 

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+Keith Patton​ are you still doing phone repairs?

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Get your credit report and credit score free, forever, with, launched today
I am very proud that a business I co-founded with the launch of Brightbridge Ventures late last year, and brilliantly run by +Justin Basini, launched today.  An amazing achievement in a short space of time, and a brilliant free service that everyone should try. 

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Join the Razer Comms community today and text and chat with the rest of the steam community while in game.

Simply go to the razer  website and download comms and then click the following link to join the community.
Password: Steamy

If you need any help just pm me

Join the Razer Comms Community to play, text and chat while in game.
The password is Steamy

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Love it :-P
These days, there are smart versions of just about everything—phones, watches, refrigerators… and now mailboxes. Introducing Smartbox, from +Inbox by Gmail
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