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My latest project is a small table. Have a look and let me know what you think of it. I can handle constructive criticism!
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Beautifully done, Chris. I envy your talent, and the fortitude it takes to exercise it.
LOve the look of it but don't understand the base, with the curve on it I would be hard pressed to use it for any storage and I know my wife loves to put stuff down below any table with a usable base. Just a thought.
But why the wedge shaped runner/shelf? I'm guessing that's just an artistic flare?
Excellent work. If I may...the base color is a little cold looking, too black. Maybe, warm it up and move to a brownish shade. 
I'm color blind and happen to like the black - makes it look more formal - but a warmer color would be nice too.
I tried a flat board as a stretcher and it just didn't look right - it was lacking. Yes, it is certainly a little artistic flair. The convex curve of the top of the shelf is mild enough that it can still be used as a flat shelf in most cases (just don't put a full glass of water on it).

The purpose of the stretcher was to add visual mass and another element of interest.

I painted it so that the grain of the wood took centre stage. Black makes the base seem heavier and more massive.
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