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Anyone still need an Inbox invite?

OK, I've just been setting up a couple of laptops with Lubuntu, and realised that regardless of the distro and what use the machine will be put to, I always install the following first, and in this order:

Tmux, Vim, Lynx and Google Chrome (if I'm running a desktop and it's not pre-installed)

This got me wondering what are the first things you grab when you start working with a vanilla install?

I got me a #raspberrypi!

Had it since the weekend, but tomorrow night I'll finally have time to get it all set up and start playing. A think a minimal Linux distro booting up to a nice MAME GUI will be my first project.

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Loving the #whitespace stuff that's flooding in at the moment. Much of it very clever, or at least funny.

Tried and then turned off GExtend as it requires too much horizontal eye movement to read posts. Think I'd rather just have the ability to pin the Trending, You May Know and You Might Like stuff rather than having it scroll off the top of the screen. Presumably that (and plenty of other options) will land before long.

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OK everyone, I've been a bit slack with this due to other things I've been up to lately, but if you'd like to sponsor me for the 6 mile Sport Relief run in a fortnight or so, then that would be wonderful.

The giving link is here:

If I get £100 or more in sponsorship, then I'll be running this dressed as one of the Gumbies from Monty Python. Michael Palin to be precise.
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