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Knowledge is power.
Knowledge is power.

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I get asked about Google glass a lot. People seem to enjoy the idea that it was a flop, however it is not dead and now has officially come back
You may have thought that Google Glass was gone and forgotten. It turns out that isn't the case at all. While it didn't work out well as a consumer product for all sorts of reasons, it turns out to be tremendously useful if you're doing work that requires your hands and your attention while also being helped by visual input – say, if you're working in a factory, or performing surgery.

As a result, the Glass team vanished back into Google X for a while and started working on what they discovered to be a much better use for the technology: as an enterprise technology for people at work.

Today, Wired has an article about what the new system looks like, and how it's being used at a growing range of companies – and how this technology is living up to its promise at last.

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Vote for Nacho!
#W42ST photographer Nacho Guevara's Mosaic Project is up for an award. You can vote for him here.

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Sharing this because I didn't know ms owns SlideShare. Maybe if I used either I'd know....

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Excited to be hosting +Praveen Paritosh in NY next week, come on by.

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Bubble or inevitability? 
The top 5 companies in the world by market cap are all tech companies. I don't think I've ever seen this before. In fact I'm used to seeing an oil company -- usually EM -- at the top of the list, and tech companies scattered about the top 10. But right now, the top 5 companies in the world are (in this order):

Alphabet (Google)

Have we entered a new era, folks?

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Tyson is a great advocate for science, not to mention funny. In my own mind I go back and forth over whether or not it's significant that he's black. In one sense, no, in another, hell yes. In either sense, we're glad to have him.

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Love it when we support cool things

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What a good, simple, idea. Just encrypt each token before input into a NN. All the regularities will still be there and the system will learn the same thing, just decrypt the output.
Another #ICLR2017 Best Paper Award for Google researchers, for "Semi-supervised Knowledge Transfer for Deep Learning from Private Training Data" (, an approach to providing strong privacy guarantees for training data.

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This would be a cool project
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