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Warning, URL Testing In Progress...

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URLs are a cornerstone protocol of the Internet and the Web, but they are often misunderstood, occasionally abused, and quite often manipulated during security testing. I've put up some Web pages to t...
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Cool! The link to the URL Live Viewer is broken at the moment. I put a copy of mine here: Should improve it at some point.

For the server thing, maybe use mod_rewrite to pass all incoming requests to a cgi-script of sorts?
Lol, figures I'd goof up a link trying to cram this in before bedtime, thanks for pointing that out, all links should be working now.
Okay +Anne van Kesteren  I have the server-side stuff working.  It will require a new set of test cases though since the tests are bound to the domain hosting the test.  E.g. the server-side is only concerned with HTTP GET requests, so file, data, mailto, etc. don't apply, and all tests need to hit a certain subdomain to trigger the mod_rewrite.  In my case it's which returns only two components from the request: a) the hostname; and b) the request URI, or pathname
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