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Chris Weber
Dreamer, Skeptic, Explorer, Scientist, Geek
Dreamer, Skeptic, Explorer, Scientist, Geek

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That's a good looking Drupal site

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It's coming together.
We're not slowing down! Right after releasing CKEditor 4.6 and a refreshed website, we come up with another iteration of CKEditor (developer preview). Find out more at

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Here's something you might not have known about Drupal 8:

Much like how Drupal 7 shipped with incomplete entity support, Drupal 8 shipped with incomplete support to modifying config entities through the built-in REST service. Now there's an issue to fix that:

This issue will allow config entities to be modified through a RESTful web service. Imagine the impact of that:

* You could create a stand alone app to handle all the configuration changes you want to make.
* You could create a follow up action to a separate application that so that when you change a thing there you also kick of modifications to config on a Drupal site.
* You could ship config changes to your staging site (alright you can already do this the standard way, and you probably should keep doing it with drush cim)

Let's Brainstorm, what else could you do?

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Here's another big issue that just landed from Drupal 8.3:

Now the test coverage for D8's Rest service is more complete.

As you may know, improving D8's Rest based web service has been a high priority since launch. Improving the service so that it supports js frameworks better will be really awesome. Right now the messages that are returned by the web service are quite verbose.

Before we can move forward in that effort, we'll need to cover everything with tests. These tests specifically focus around improving the Entity Reference / Resource responses.

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Cool idea

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So excited to hear about Polymer 2.0. Sounds like they're moving in the right direction. Having the platform produce standard, Web native primitives instead of "sugar"ed elements is the best way to make sure that whatever this produces doesn't conflict with other solutions.

The last thing we want here is to invest all this time into something that doesn't interoperate with other solutions.

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Chris Weber commented on a post on Blogger.
Love these events.

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My response to the new app icons in Android 7.0

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I just found that Drupal 8.2 supports the creation of tests that will generate a screenshot. That was something that was possible before but now there's a helper method to make the process easier.
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