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Chris Wadge
Open source enthusiast, security and performance guy
Open source enthusiast, security and performance guy


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If this sells for anything around or under $1,000, Ubiquiti is going to make a big splash in the market.

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Why had I never heard of this before? I was able to get one of my particularly image-heavy websites down from 1.2MB to around 800k with no visible difference in quality. Sweet.

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I'm looking for a 1U chassis to house 4 or more Raspberry Pi's. Bonus if it can provide power to the Pi's internally. This will basically act as a network appliance segmenting various duties without adding PV-related clock jitter, especially for things like NTP. Any suggestions?

I've found some 3D-printable faceplates that allow you to mount Pi's on a standard audio 2U frame, but it's overkill and I don't have a 3D printer handy.

This is just somebody's DIY project for illustration, but I'd prefer something turnkey.

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Just rebuilt my older Atom/ION based settop installation, and I'm really happy with the result. It was a custom JEOS (just enough OS) spin with Kodi (previously known as XBMC) on a small SSD, but I've replaced it with a generic LibreELEC installation. It runs the latest stable builds of Kodi on a minimalist JEOS which includes all relevant drivers and tweaks to act as a hardware-accelerated settop. It's fast, rock-solid, and beats the hell out of any of the Android-based media centers I've encountered so far. Highly recommended for DIYers.

• Be me
• Buy Netgear CM600 at Frys because it is certified for my cable provider
• Drive home (>300mi)
• Modem is DOA
• Call Netgear for RMA
• Wait for ~50 minutes to speak to an offshore rep
• Be told "we won't honor your warranty, it was purchased less than 15 days ago, take it back to Frys"
• Push back: "I'm not driving 14 hours round-trip to return a $100 modem"
• Wait on hold another 20 minutes
• Finally receive RMA
• Receive RMA finalization URL
• RMA URL results in infinite navigation loop
• Email Netgear with case# and RMA# explaining issue
• Receive response ~24 hours later
• Play phone tag with rep over ~4 hour period
• Finally complete RMA process with offshore rep
• Write negative review of Netgear's hardware reliability and technical support on 3rd party site
• Review is promptly flagged down by Netgear, no explanation or rebuttal given

Why have I habitually avoided Netgear all these years? I honestly cannot remember. It's been a truly wonderful experience.

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Hiawatha 10.6 Released

• Added PublicKeyPins option.
• Added renewal-scripts to Let's Encrypt script.
• mbed TLS updated to 2.4.2.
• Small changes to CMake build system.
• Small improvements.
• Bugfix: SCSV bug in mbed TLS.

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Hiawatha 10.4 is live

• mbed TLS updated to 2.3.0.
• SkipCacheCookie option added.
• Added Systemd init script to Debian package.
• Small improvements and bugfixes.

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Who wants to buy seven Seagate ST500LM021's?

• 500GB
• 7200RPM
• 32MB cache
• 2.5" x 7mm
• 1.5W

These are all brand new, never used, no retail packaging. I have zero-wiped each one to sweep for bad sectors and ensure they're ready to be partitioned added to your zpool (or whatever you crazy kids are doing these days).

Asking: $20/ea. Take 'em all off my hands and shipping is on me.

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I finally broke down and made a Twitter account. I'll be pushing updates about #HiawathaWebserver and other tech / #FOSS stuff through that account, so feel free to follow if you're a Twitter user.
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