I was looking through a couple of things in following up on +Omer G. Joel's post on the lethality of Classic Traveller, and I noticed an interesting thing.

A lot of people have noted that the CT Maneuver Drive is reactionless, and they lament that this allows for relativistic weapons in a CT universe that follows up on the consequences of such things. However, in LBB77 Book 2 Starships, we see the following in the discussion of Power Plant fuel (on p. 6):

"A fully fueled power plant will enable a starship an effectively unlimited number of accelerations (at least 288) if necessary to use the maneuver drive during the trip…" (emphasis mine)

This changes things. The highest acceleration starship in LBB77 is the Type C Cruiser, with a 3G acceleration (the Ship's Boat can hit 6G, but non-starships have a different rule for fuel consumption; the Ship's Boat has 900 G/Turns of maneuver fuel, for example). That gives it, if we assume that minimum power plant fuel requirement of 10Pn tons = 288 turns at full G, 864 G/Turns of maneuver fuel total. It does not have unlimited acceleration after all.
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