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A majority are happy what has happened to this guy who tried to assault the little girl. +Elaine Barlow raised a valid point after I posted the following comment:

"Me: I hope the girl is alright and not traumatized by this incident all her life. 

+Elaine Barlow  +Chris Veerabadran oh that's nothing compared to the hell and nonsense and horror and harassment and disrespect she'll experience by 13 years of age. She'll be fucked no matter what just like all women ... be it by some man, society, or her own female stupidity and madness."

Who will fight for her through out these years, the people doing all this will escape punishment and notice from others and sadly it will be no news. I think this is an important lesson we should learn and respect.

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the stand your ground law, when it works...
Thanks +Lis Risi but this is about the whole range of years where girls are abused in various ways like Elaine talks about, some cases guys too.
That's a valid point? It just sounds like some incoherent, irrelevant rage.
Do you think it is ok for others to harass the girls even though they find it repugnant? It is cool for the guys to do this but do they see the troubles they cause on their victims' minds.
I have no idea what that even has to do with the news story. In fact, it's even more incoherent than her statement.
She is talking about the experience she (or the other girls) will be facing in the future, which might be even more troubling than what she went through.
MIGHT be facing. MIGHT. Highly speculative, at best. I am not interested in highly speculative, emotional assertions, and you shouldn't be either.
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