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Found this today. Despite any thing it says on the page, anyone can download it and install it over your current Firefox. Now you can run all those NSAPI plugins that Firefox (and Chrome a while back) just killed support for. The one I needed at work was Java JRE.

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Hmmm... A place where you can follow communities, or posts by individuals and only what or who I follow shows up in my feed... Where have I heard that before?

btw, I have cvanelli as a reddit profile.

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I backed this project on KickStarter. Just the fact that it's a 2560x1600 touchscreen for $99 seemed worth it. Not expected to ship till December 2017 at the earliest, though.

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Streaming games from your gaming PC to a Rasoberry Pi hooked up to your TV.
I haven't read the article yet, but might be something to try +David Vanelli

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Mark Manson is my pen name...
People need a book on how to do this? 

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Hopefully, I'll be building me a PC from one of these later this year, if they live up to the hype and pricing.

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Transparent Aluminum is REAL?!?! Haven't seen this before, but apparently its been around a while. 
Beyond Gorilla Glass...

Technically known as aluminum oxynitride and sometimes called “transparent aluminum" this material is not truly a transparent metallic aluminum, but rather a transparent aluminum-based ceramic. It offers some interesting possibilities for high-strength, non-shattering -- even load-bearing -- windows. It will also remain transparent even after being deformed.

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UMMM... WOW...
I think I want one. But I'll need a roller bag to carry it in. I want it for my desk at work!

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This is the SPAM filter I have been using for for the past year and a half. I have been very happy with them. They are scanning about 1250 messages a day for me and filtering out pretty much all of the SPAM. A message or 2 will get through once in a while, but they have a "missed SPAM" address to forward it to. I have not had any false positives
It costs $60 per year for unlimited email addresses, and up to 100,000 messages scanned per month.

The link is an affiliate link and I get some credit for it, but you can just go straight to the website if you want. I just thought I would let everyone know about since its been 1.5 years and I'm happy with it.

Anyone that wants to run their own mail server should definitely give these guys a look.

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From the DogNZB website:

Cyberweek is here! Invites are available to every user (until Sunday December 4th). Go to your profile to invite someone to open an account on DOGnzb or tell them to go to

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