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The search giant has addressed a small but, for some, annoying limitation in Google Docs.
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Chris V

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It takes a special kind of ignorance to pull this off.
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Well looks like stuff happens in the best of neighborhoods..

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Chris V

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Edward Flynn for President!

This gets good at 1:10.
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I was reading your response on another post as to `blacks or whites being killed by police; you may have a point to view, yet we are speaking of `humanity..
Corruption does exist; corruption has no "race"....
Some incidents are just cruel..
So my issues are how do we as people who should hv concerns come to reasons towards civil resolve..
The authority we as people are to `respect, trust and follow by law-violate the law...
Abuse their authority and do kill...

To the point...

One day you will be pulled over in your vehicle because of its make and model; you may fit a description or would you appreciate an officer questioning you because of the neighborhood you are walking thru or maybe even better because of your clothing...
Officers are in need of realizations to how they can conduct their services for benefit of community...
Not `certain communities...

Just some elements of living life I do understand make ppl frightened; I am feeling the same; yet I realize when I can not trust the same `authority that I must abide to by the laws-then who do I trust...
As I know my times of ths life death is the ultimate; the ppl whom work in the forces for our protection hv fears too...

And they do violate laws; I know by personal experience..
Not even some medical practioners/staff can be trusted..

To the point..
Making it clear..

We all live in this place called "world with societies made up by classes: middle class, low income, upper class"...

It does`nt effect you until your children are involved or you hv bn violated...

W O R L D...
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Chris V

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My wife made hamburger cupcakes and sugar cookie French fries. 
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Must be tasty...
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