31 Days

A couple of important bits of news.

Firstly at the end of May (the 31st) is my birthday when I will be 44 years old. To celebrate I will be having a big sale where everything is price in accordance to my age. There will be some bargins to be had, especially for Lifetime Memberships.

Secondly, in light of our poor 6d6 Shootouts sale, I've spent the last few days thinking about where the business is going, what we are selling and how we are selling it. I have some major changes in mind which we will be rolling out during May / June.

The main thrust of these changes will be to put the open, communal nature of 6d6 front & centre. We are not organised like other RPG companies, we don't make games like other companies, we shouldn't sell our games like other RPG companies.

More details once I've got all the details planned.
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