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Anyone have a quick answer? Looking into KVM inside Docker storage. But what concerns me is how packages are installed on the VM, inside Docker. KVM can load a qcow2 filesystem and use that for the VM. But that would be destroyed when the docker is redeployed/destroyed/etc.

Just installed elementaryOS on a Razer Blade Stealth with 4k. EVERYTHING worked out of the box. Awesome job guys!

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I'm not really even sure why I follow WOGUE anymore. Some days I strongly ponder if it's ran by a 14 year old kid.
Am I irresponsible? Totally! Am I stupid? No doubt! I'm super lazy too (and still making more than most! ha!)! And the worst? I react to anything! You say white? I say black! Just because you said white!

So, yesterday I open a thread on +Ubuntu community asking 2 questions concerning +Canonical.

I cc +Michael Hall first because I appreciate this guy, and second because he asked me to email Canonical about these 2 questions, but I felt that is better to be on a public place.

My original thread was this one:

And I should apologize for what I said on comments there, so I ask sorry about them.. although it is stupid to say sorry for something you have done. Anyway!

The questions were.

Does Canonical openly publish the income from the global donations & sponsoring, and where these money go?

Canonical is based on London, but it fully belongs on a company that is privately held 100% by +Mark Shuttleworth and is based on Isle of Man.

The question. Where Canonical's revenue (and assets) from Ubuntu is taxed? If (and only if!) it is taxed on offshore inside UK, it's a financial fraud (by law).


The reason I'm making these two questions is because Canonical (via Ubuntu) is accessing income and benefits from users, in the form of donations, which can be either money or contributions of any other kind.

Therefore I feel that Ubuntu users have the right to know where their money go, and Canonical has the obligation to have open reports. Hiding behind the "we are not forced to disclose our revenue" is (almost) alright as long as they dont ask for donations.


The way I see it, 500 people will read this, and 400 of them will say that I BSing, but 100 of them we'll start wondering, "Is Canonical actually stealing money from tax payers inside EU (UK is still on EU :p)", and this is how rumors start. So I really expect a clear answer by Canonical ..and till that point I dont mean anything, I'm just making two questions.

Pretty sure that some at least will think I'm for once again bitching against Canonical. Dear dudes! I speak about Canonical, because there is not even a point to accuse +Red Hat. It is a 1000 times better to use Canonical products and help Canonical grow bigger, rather using Red Hat products, and Fedora. And +Mozilla Firefox ?? It needs another whole post for the questions on this foundation, and the 501 frauds by the system.

Also. I recognize all the good intentions of Canonical founder +Mark Shuttleworth and I recognize he invested his private fortune (directly or with loans) on Linux, but the one doesn't justify the other.


You know whats fun? It happens to have 2 friends from my childhood that are working on City London! I can know any corporation transaction inside EU. And we talk everyday! And who ever has friends who work on banks, I'm sure they talk everyday about juice stories!

So always keep on mind! There is no privacy to anything! And my dream since ever is to have a system as society that everyone can have access to everyone financial data!

Huge supporter of "open data" idea :p

PS. Also I will remove any trolling comment on this post. You know I never remove comments, I hate do that, but this will be an exception! So please try not spam without a good reason!

#communities   #ubuntu   #canonical  

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Few things, 1. I look like a trucker, not planned I'm growing my beard back. 2. The red hat was actually accidental and unplanned. 3. Finally! Man that took a long time. A years worth of work, long hours, many commits later. Red Hat has decided to seal the deal.

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I used to love PHP. Then I saw the effect of editing server side code during runtime in the enterprise.

"LinuxKit" is an entirely possible and wholly achieve-able goal. Not sure why people think it isn't =/
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