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Cool, need to check those out

X.Commerce: eBay To Debut New Payments Identity Technology PayPal Access; Milo Opens Up API
X.Commerce: eBay To Debut New Payments Identity Technology PayPal Access; Milo Opens Up API -

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Very cool site
Wow, every once in a while an app or website comes along that smacks me in the face. Not just a regular "Hey, that's cool" smack, but more of a "Duh, I should have made that and I would have had a license to print unlimited money and now those guys have already done it and no one will ever know my secret brilliance but they did it and I have no money but I should still tell everyone because they are awesome" smack in the face.

*IfThisThenThat* should be the next big thing on the social web. It's bloody brilliant.

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Printable Sketch Templates for Web Designers

"Before any tangible designs are made, any experienced designer should know that the first thing you do before any sort of web development project is map out a rough sketch first. Although most sketching is done on blank paper, many developers have now started using sketch templates for their web applications. This is definitely the most productive and organized way to start probably one of the most important phase of the application design process. Here are resources and templates to download or print off for designing your next great project!"

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Great breakdown of online users and their social spaces. I think I'll print it out and keep it handy for future web & mobile projects.
Google+: The Yin and the Yang

If I were to ask a handful of people what purpose a hammer serves a good percentage if not all of them would say it’s used for pounding nails into an object. What most people fail to remember is the hammers other purpose -- to pull nails out of an object. My point; a hammer has more than just one use as do most tools. Just because one side of a hammer gets used more than the other side does not make the less used side any less important.

With social media having MANY purposes, some posts will serve us better than others. This is where it gets to be tricky on the scope of grading the quality of content and labeling the interestingness of users, as it holds true that one mans trash may be another mans treasure.

+Jonathan Langdale's post “Special Obviousity” ( ) didn’t receive much attention in re-shares, comments, or +1’s. Does this mean his post should be considered uninteresting? No of course not, for all we know there might have been a lot of Google+ users who found it to be “a diamond in the rough” so to speak, and for what ever reason chose not to display a visual trace of approval or disapproval for that matter.

Let's assume for a moment +Jonathan’s Special Obviousity post had been posted by +Tom Anderson, the comment and reshare count would be affected LARGELY! Of course it’s important to note the substantial number of people who have +Tom Anderson circled in comparison to +Jonathan Langdale so naturally more exposure will be brought to the post. But how many of those people would have ignored the post had they saw it come from +Jonathan Langdale instead of +Tom Anderson? Why does the post become more interesting when someone with a bigger name shares it? Because “quality” is subjective! This is where I often see a problem with follow lists even if my name is on one. Though it's highly flattering to be considered interesting by people I know it's not true in every case or for every person.

Being well known amongst a very large group of people has a huge influence on the amount of activity a post receives whether interesting or not. A good example (and I wish I could remember which Google+'er pointed this out to me yesterday) was a recent post by a celebrity who shared a picture of a spoon they found on the road. This celebrities "I found a spoon on the road" post received hundreds of comments. That’s a lot for a spoon, even for a road spoon!

It's important to highlight the large amount of wonderful users who spend substantial amounts of time commenting on posts who are often left out when the "interesting" labels get passed around. There are a lot of posts I find interesting, but often times I find well-thought-out perspective comments to be as interesting, if not more interesting than some of the great posts I’ve read! Without active commenters giving their approval or respectful disapproval a lot of people (including myself) would loose interest in searching for and posting thoughtful content.

As we find it important that celebrities acknowledge and appreciate the support of their fans, it’s JUST as important to show the same respect for those who spend their time reading and responding to users posts. Without posters we’d lack commenters, without commenters we’d lack posters. All of us play an equal role in sharing thoughts, opinions, and ideas whether we do so in post form or in comment form. This is what makes Google+ so special and unique, we have the Ying and we have the Yang.

So thank you to all you wonderful active commenters and +1’ers out there! I find you very interesting and highly engaging! :)

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Some cool pics I found of the carrier I served on from 93-97
USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) (3 photos)
3 Photos - View album

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My kind of art

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Excited about being selected by the PMI Baltimore chapter to be on their Board of Directors as their new Chief Technology Director.
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