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What SMS app are people using in 2017?

Just wondered if people are using a dedicated SMS app like Google's messenger app or whether you are using a 'messaging' app like Facebook Messenger that combines data messages with SMS support.

I have switched to FB Messenger. I used to use hangouts for SMS, then Google Messenger, then Signal but have decided to simplify my messaging apps. I rarely receive SMS and most of my messaging is conducted through WhatsApp and FB messenger.

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How can you convert a Keynote file to Google Slides or PowerPoint?

I couldn't find a simple answer, so I wrote this blog post.

+Mark Stronge Hi, just got the Mi Band 2. What is the app you recommend to use with it? Or, is the official app just as good?
I've been using the official app with the original (original!) Mi band for well over a year now.
The Mi band 2 is a very nice upgrade and my first impressions are good. I also bought a gun metal strap to go with it.

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Loving the #prisma app


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Found this a really useful tip for adding a custom email address to your gmail account.

"It’s pretty much common knowledge that Gmail is awesome... However, to use it with a custom domain, you need to purchase Google Apps for either $5 or $10/month, which for casual users is a bit unnecessary.

However, there’s a free way to use your Gmail account with a custom domain: Mailgun."

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£280 seems like a great deal. Any thoughts? 

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Parliament Buildings lit up in red for #ArmisticeDay #RemembranceDay
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Consultation on the Renewal of the BBC Charter
The BBC's Royal Charter is due for renewal in 2017. The Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure wants to hear your views on what the Charter should say. Find out more by visiting #northernireland  

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Running Sultan's ROM on my OPO with no issues. The battery life is great and I'm not sure if it's the ROM or Marshmallow or a combination of both. In any case it's worth updating your OPO from CM 12.1. 
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