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Chris Tamm
Im just like Tundro from herculoids
Im just like Tundro from herculoids


so my take on subclasses is they are just sample builds for quick starting or ideas. my basic book has ten each for the 4 basic classes to start new characters

a later advanced book will include builds up to 20th level and more subclasses

now ive started writing up elves and dwarves
then gnomes and halflings
i dont mind having less choices as they are rare

so considering maybe less subclasses to avoid to many silly elf types
possibly just bright and dark elves?
or do i pad out with some choices for xor and psychon?
or do i do do celestial, bone, wild, dust, celestial, sea, eldren, blood,
a more plant oriented type

Dwarves from hills and mountains a bit done
dont want to over use words like dark
could include morlocks and take some lead from giants - frost dwarves, fire dwarves, storm dwarf,

nobody wants ten kinds of halfling or gnome???
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So this is my task table
for saves and skill checks

Prime requisite starts as seasoned for saves
-others require character to select a art to improve and are amatuer
-clerics best at saving vs mind control save
-fighters best at saving vs entangle save
-wizard best at saving vs puzzle save
-rogue best at saving vs evasion save
-dwarf best at saving vs poison save
A skill slot in appropriate art makes a character seasoned
-no skill slot in appropriate art is amatuer
Rolls based on rolling under stats
-auto always succeed
-full uses whole stat
-1/2 stat uses half
-Bonus requires roll under attribute bonus if any

stat of 18 half 9 bonus 3
stat of 15 half 8 bonus 1
stat of 9 half 5 bonus 0

i kind have used this for a while but this is formal and simple
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More Alignment Abuse
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Mostly done my Goblinarium project for a zine.....
Pretty awesome stuff that I cant show anyone.....
Developed some good map making methods for future
Will try something for patrons too later in the week as Im handing in homework and legal docks wed and gaming Tuesday night...

So my 2 zine projects mostly sorted
I had fun and might consider more...

I keep imagining Zak doing the voices...
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having to move again
might just go homeless for a few months as less hassle
possibility of house or i can work and house sit interstate
gonna start packing asap - hope to be out in 3 weeks
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Deadbolt, Jack Frost and Amp
made hero debut,
stopping a clown drug lab,
a black cyborg lab
and several corrupt superheroes

here is all marvel maps in one sheet
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4 of us started my marvel game might get a few more players in
Bolt Thrower the android archer with memory problems
Amp the sonic super strong roadie who found a hero base
Jackfrost ice hero returned to active duty after being missing for years
Battled cyborg clowns in league with science cult and corrupted heroes who tried to lead them astray
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Planning on running masks of nyarlathotep as dates match current game and vet characters will cope better, only a few thousand pages of reading and prep.....current ed and fan made companion used to extend 2nd edition
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